Quick chat

I searched briefly to see if anyone else had mentioned this, but can’t find anything.

A quick chat interface in this game would be so helpful, or even just an “over here” button like c as a default to get peoples attention if someone falls behind or runs ahead. So many games get ended because one person runs off and dies.

But with a quick chat menu you could have an out of ammo (instead of spamming attack with your ranged weapon out), a stick together call, or a need healing instead of having to pause and type to tell your teammates who maybe aren’t paying as much attention as they should. The tag system is great (though it really seems like a lot of players are unaware of tagging in recruit, specifically Witch hunter captains who aren’t taking advantage of their passive)

While you can mostly work out when people are out of ammo or need healing, and you can tag items for your teammates to come get, in a game that has you in constant danger pausing can be fatal for a whole team and quick communication is vital, without the need for voice chat and all the annoyances that can come with that. Just an idea.

Not a hardcore player by any means so maybe the higher difficulty players have a system worked out for this already but recruit quick play at least is really tedious without it.


good idea, some ppl don’t want to use voice chat and typing is slow

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