Quests completion on failed missions

I’ve wiped and then noticed that the quest was completed? Woot?

Certain quests like 10 Quickplays in a week have for a while given the credit even while failing the mission. Not sure if it is really a bug or just a change in design.

I hope it’s a change in the design, because it makes the failure less punishing and passively lowers the amount of toxicity in the community.

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It has been like that since the Grail Knight patch. Quickplays and kills count even if the run ended in a fail. Whether it’s intended or not has never become clear.

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Let’s not keep bringing it up. It’s a QoL, intended or not.

Pretty sure it’s not intended. If i remember correctly, on threads where someone asked why quests don’t count on wipes, hedge said something that otherwise players would just wipe after completing the quest. (doesn’t incentivize winning)

Yea, that is what worries me too. It is exploitable. Then again, we have noobs running mission on Recruit “just to be done”. Not sure if that is so much better.

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It isn’t, but it’s not as bad if legend skilled players can just go recruit and farm, then it is to intentionally wipe because you’ve completed your grim quest on a high difficulty.

The recruit issue is also not an easy fix. Making it take longer to do certain quest will just make ‘lower’ level players frustrated and feel unfair. In theory you could power level in recruit difficulty aswell, i’m just not sure how popular it is, and in my opinion the fact that quests and exp are the same in every difficulty does more good then bad.

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To me at least, it makes sense for kill count quests, headshots, critters etc. to count regardless of completing the level. Quickplay completions, tomes, and grims are a lot more questionable, and probably shouldn’t count unless you finish the level.

This way I don’t think many people are gonna go into quickplay, kill a few elites or critters, then leave. Those quests are already the easiest and quickest, and by leaving a run you lose the chance to potentially get a bunch of other quests done like monsters, books, or quickplay/character level completions.

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It’s a bug for sure in my book.
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You wipe at 1% of Harbringer - you get zilch and Fatshark laughs at you, not this nonsense…

Okay, Bardin, we get it, you are tough!

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