Question: Different Map Balancing on different Host and Day!

now i have over 250 Played on Release version, like 50 on Open Beta.

I Analyse a bit the Map Setups
(What Enemy and how Much Enemy stay around on the Map. How much Ambushes and what Ambush Type, on which Place and what is the Ambush setup. How Much Spezial Spawn in Ambush and after. How Mutch Side Attack Spawn exist whit Ambush)

I see a lot Different on same Difficult, i play often Veteran, Champion and Legend. Recruit i don’t focus rly.

I hear about from the Dev through the Bushes exist a AI Problem, AI goes Crazy and like this.
I read a lot, like all Day on Steam Forum, this Difficult is to Hard or this Hero is to Low or to overPowered!
I think this Problems have a Connection! Just i (whit a bit Support) make some “Good/Fun"Flames”, why are the Map so Empty! ;(

When the Map Setup are so Much different for all this Different Players, is for one Player the Game to Hard, and for Other is the Hero to Overpowered… so Exist not really a Red-Line to Discuss.

I read about some Balancing in the Patch, but this are not the Point, this Balancing is not the Reason.
I think Fatshark don’t switch Map Setup balancing like all Day or like all 6H or 12H!

here i List some Setups Example what are very Curious for me:

I mean was a Day before Patch, was for like 12h
On Veteran Mode was this Hard Legend or (i call this Kataklysm Test setup) on Veteran Mode!
All full with Black Rats! lot Spezial Spawn and this.
Was this a Joke from Fatshark? or is this a Part of, AI gos Crazy?

I Join some Legend or Champion Games Random and this Maps are like Super Empty! (just a Bit Enemy Stay Around, just 1 or 2 ambush with just Naked Rats, like no Spezial Spawn)
Is this a Manipulation of this RNG? i can’t Believe is just this Long Range all Shoot Down effect, just a AI outplay. (Same Day and i Host the Same Map, looks different)

Today i Play with a Steam Friend, he Host the Game on Legend, was a Lot Armored Chaos Warrior! (often like 3 or 4 Armored Chaos to same time) We make like 3 Games on Same Map! (was all time like Same Setup) Later i Host a Game with anOther Friend on Same Map, just 1 or 2 Chaos Warrior to Same time and not so Often.

I start a Deed with some Friends, Extra Wave and Extra Spezials, i win the Deed! Then we make like 5 or 7 Games over Quick Play on same Difficult (Champion), and all Time was like this Deed Active! All time high Frequency Waves and a lot Specials on all this Games. Next Day, was like normal, and sometime extra Empty!
A Deed Stuck Bug? or is this intention? after play a Deed, Quick Play use the Deed Setup?

So this was just 4 different Example, this with Empty Map with different Player or on different Game i see Often.

So i have hart he suspicion, the Game works different for different Player, and exist a lot "AI OutPlayer “Pros” in this Internet Gaming world! More and More ;(
He focus this to Outplay AI, for Easy Farm, this in Lot Games, Glitch, Bug, Exploit, Trainer, AIOutplay Users.
Is Possible that this Playing style from some Users Manipulate the AI? or Manipulate the Game for Other Players? and the AI is like stucking?

Beta and short After Release was PERFEKT Basic Balacing!
Just to much Cyring Hype from some User!
is for me like Trolling, and this Destroy the Game, destroy the Quality and the Spirit of a Game!
This i see not First Time in a Game, is for me Like some Manipulation!
I cant understand why so Hard Changes so short after Official Release :frowning:
But i hope, the “Harmony” come Back!
HardPlay Harmony and Casual Player Friendly mix! catch again Back, catchycatchy :wink:
(i see a bit, the Positive Changes after this (Left4 Dead Joke: “Es geht rasant Berg ab”!)

Lord “Ratcatchy” Xarpus XD

Edit side kick add:
I think to set the Max Power on Legend was to less, so was a Player Hype started with the End Progress of the Game, lot Player Play underPowered Legend, 300Power for Legend same for Champion.
500 Power is still to less for Legend, 550 was a bit better and up to 600 was again a big Push in the Fight Feeling.
And for Veteran and Champion will be +50 more Power as required better.

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