Question about ping

Most of the times, not finding players close enough, I end up playing with a >110 ping. What is it in your experience the value we should not go over?
Seems to me that over 110 with peaks of 170 I’m getting enough ghost damage (more actual than ghost :smiley: ) and making ghost swings that is a bother for the other players and bad for my blood vessels.

I’m honestly okay with anything around 150ping - even with squishy classes

I’m from central Europe and I get 40-60 ping but the new lags make it hard anyway.

probably then I’m just bad :smiley:
thank you :slight_smile:

What do you mean with “new lags”? Did you notice something strange? I mean, with that kind of ping, should be peerless, right?

Since the beta you can get game freezes of ~0.1-1s and they don’t have anything to do with connection some people say it has something to do with dx 12 and you should downgrade to 11.

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