Question about Bosses

The current Bosses are the Rat Ogre, Stormfiend, Bile Troll, and Chaos Spawn. They are all pretty dangerous and incredibly stupid… unable to communicate and just wanna rip limbs off things to get to the delicious gooey innards.

A boss is someone in charge of a group or organisation, which these 4 clearly aren’t… so why are they called bosses?

Well they are bosses in the videogame sense of being big baddies that are hard to deal with.


They are called mini-bosses for one, and bosses in game context does not mean in charge of others, but rather means that it is a massively major threat as compared to the other enemies you face. Words can have more than one type of meaning depending on context…

Context… Hmm… Going down the video game route, there are no clear examples of bosses not being in charge of underlings of the level and on top of that they are clearly not mini bosses in the slightest. For starters they are labeled “Boss”, not mini boss (in fact, they are quite large), which is plain as day in the stat window. Damage to Hellsplooge, Pinerangler, Ribshack, and the same buttmunch in charge of invading Ubersreik isn’t labeled as boss damage.

This needs to be patched and fixed as they aren’t bosses at all. It’s a lie, just like they actually tried to make Saltzpyre’s red Falcion skin look good. They literally threw 2 runes on the default skin…

As far as Skaven :rat: are involved, most important would probably be Stormvermins, bossing others around.
And even that would be problematic, because Gutter Runners are :skaven: Eshins and they would care very little for the black furs.

Chaos warriors would probably be leaders, then again there are 2 types of chaos and even more specific Nurgle :nurgle: sorcerers so they could be respected even more in Nurgle themed warband.

But its just “bad” name, I recommend watching the Inquisitor Martyr boss trailer, they are dealing with exactly this problem and it looks they made same “mistake” that they named biggest opponent as a boss while there is commander/villain as weaker unit.

Tl;Dr (I dare you not to read my posts ! :angry: )
Boss in video games doesnt mean leader but big mean enemy. :yum:

You are objectively wrong, at least the summing up of it… and some other things, but we could be here for hours dissecting everything wrong but we’ll stick with the “bosses are big mean enemy”. A Boss is in charge, weather weaker or stronger than the enemies you face leading up to said boss.

Lets pick the Inquisitor Boss trailer

Champion: Appears in Every Battle, Mid-Tier Threat- Appears mostly in Groups
Commander: Gives Orders to Followers, Boosts allies, Formidable in his own right
Villains: Very Powerful (appears on his own), Can Spawn Anywhere Randomly, Possess unpredictable abilities
Elite (Appears to be Demons): Extremely powerful abilties, Brings Extended Battles, Rare and dangerous
Boss: Considered exceptionally fatal, Appears only in special battles, Unique gameplay Mechanics

All the examples they gave are capable and able to give commands to underlings, every single one. A Rat Ogre barely has the attention span to remember what it was told a few moments ago, same goes for Stormfiends and Trolls. While Chaos Spawns are to insane to function normally in society.

It should be noted that Stormvermins aren’t so much leaders as they are just higher in the caste system of the Skaven then lowly Clan rats or Slave rats.

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