Quality of loot and stupid RNG

quality of chests didn’t significantly affects the quality of loot. you can’t increase the number of chests by performing additional tasks. And collecting grimoires for the sake of quality - there is no motivation.
even Tier 4 chests (merchants coffer) give you a gray scrap, but all that is not orange\red - useless.

i see the point in books collecting, if it will guarantee the minimal quality of gear - T2 no grey, T3 - no green, etc.

Best tactic for any location in any situation - speedrun. All this game are about speedrun.
Is it no rewards for killing hordes, bosses, additional tasks. No point in all chests exploration - they always empty. Just 1 loot dice it’s not worth it to get out of the way.

i’m on veteran yet, could champion solo, but already tired and don’t see the reasons to grind this round by round. my chests loot is 230+ but i still wear 120-150 because i didn’t need 10+ Two-handed orange swords, i need just 1 falchion.
Stats on trinkets 200lvl is LESS than on same 100lvl with same bonuses.

in Korean MMO’s u can grind more and faster as u wish, but here u got a tons of unskippable screens and only 1 useless chest.

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