QOL for having multiple classes with out shared resources

My QOL suggestion if they do not share resources in the future.

The shop now has new tabs that is the shop for this hour for all your other characters and you can buy items for them with the money on that character.
Even better lock down the items you want in the shop so you can buy them after they would normally be gone but you can only lock 1 or 2.
That way if you had 4 level 30s you would check all shops at once lock what you want from them and then go grind it out on that character to grab it when you want to play that class.

Shop locks are something I desperately want because it’s actually demotivating to play more then one class since you miss out on so much stuff you could have worked towards especially weekly shops.

If I saw a item in the weekly shop that’s gonna be there for 24 hours and I need to finish all 5 weeklys I would never do them in one day but if I could lock I would be grinding that stuff out all week on that character to make sure I got it.

Trying to play more than one character just seems like it’s against the gamed design.