Your thoughts? Does she need a change?
I think she deserves some love and some changes in the talent tree.
When i play her i go all out melee and high AS, she does this fine but that’s it. I don’t find her rewarding playing ranged at all and her ability is a big anti-climax everytime you use it unless you get a crit.
And the crits with the ability at 50% chance counting weapon, trinkets, talents and overheat only happens once every 4th time for some reason, maybe i’m just very unlucky.

I understand Pyro was abused in the past but after that was fixed she just got thrown into oblivion.
Please do her a favor and give her the stage once again in some matter :fire: :fire: :fire:

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i feel like she is a worse version of fire wizard and unchained combined. there is really nothing about ther that makes her a really good choice compared to the other careers

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Battle wizard is broken in so many ways, so lets not compare her to pyromancer.

Pyromancer might need some talent changes or tweaks, which could make some talents picked more, but overall she is very strong in melee and also in ranged. I don’t really know what to respond here.

What do you think is bad about pyromancer?
How her ultimate works? Her talents? Her weapons?

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I feel that her ultimate does not work properly half the times.
It should take out specials in 1 hit, all of them which it doesn’t, half the time it merely damages them.
I’ve tested this with headshots, shootin the ball straight up the air many times.
I would’ve been fine with this if it penetrated more regulars such as slaverats during hordes. But usually it only penetrates a maximum of 10 slaverats (crits included), give or take.

Her DR talent feels extremely out of place. Getting 10% DR occasionally after kills just feels odd compared to all the other DR-talents in the game.

It’s mostly the ability i’m disappointed in. It really doesn’t do much good except for maybe assassins or Packmasters. But if i wanted to be able to slay specials with my ability such as this one i’d just play Kerillian Waystalker.

So i’ve only found Pyromancer good as a melee career and not a ranged career.
Her damage for range are lackluster, however changing her infinite spell casting after killing a special to give infinite casting after elite kills (for 5 seconds or so) would be interesting as that would change everything.

So in conclusion i’d like to see a few tweaks to her ability, changing or removing a few talents completely and reorganize the tree.

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Yea her ultimate can be unreliable at times, especially on high density or in certain terrains/maps. This is also an issue with waystalker but a bit too a lesser degree as you have multiple arrows and they can cleave armored.

I don’t have any issue with taking out specials when my ult hits them first.

Yes that’s true. Other careers can get constant dmg reduction uptime by just hitting enemies. I don’t know what the solution here is, either bring those other ones down or find a Middleground.

I don’t really agree that her range is lackluster. She has plenty of range boosting talents and can vent with temp hp ult or vent on ultimate.

Your suggestion that deadly dissapation would work on elites would be too strong in my opinion, from imagining how it would play that would be a constant uptime, unless you put a delay onto it.

I agree some talents need some tweaks, her ultimate needs some targetting fixes, which waystalker needs aswell in general.

How would you re organize her talent tree? Or any other personal talent tweaks you had in mind?

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If her damage reduction lasted longer then it might be a worthwhile pick, I imagine in DWONS it has an extremely high uptime.

It’s also competing with “The Volans Doctrine” - no overcharge slowdown- which is hard to give up.

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I’m hoping pyromancer will get a tune up in the winter BBB. Even though she’s fairly strong overall she’s mostly riding on her passive being great. Her talents have all sorts of wonkiness.

Ride the Fire Wind is totally passive and non-interactive, making it a great contender for the tile of “Most Boring Talent.”

She’s still got one of those dull +5% attack speed talents that were mostly phased out in 2.0. (Just like RV, how the hell did that survive this latest round of RV changes?)

Spirit-Casting has better synergy with Bonded Flame than her base kit, which is kinda wacky.

On the Precipice is oddly weak for a talent that requires such careful play. It’s an extreme version of her normal passive with a fraction of the reward.

Exhaust is still mostly a training wheels talent for newbies who don’t understand venting.

And Blazing Echo is a big dumb talent that’s sometimes hilarious and sometimes just a wet fart.

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I welcome the change of boosting that % dmg number. I but i would say it buffing the number would probably make it too strong.

I wouldn’t say that, it could be a good talent but bonded flame is just very strong.

Pyromancer has an amazing build, only weakness would be in not much variety. Best Wizard IMO

You build crit/crit power, high overheat and auto crit ez making any melee weapon viable to ignore armor on critz. Just more of a melee powerhouse with few range specialist options.

Its not that Battle Wizard is broken, its not too far off the other Characters… it does however have a significant advantage over Pyro due to how the things got changed around from the previous versions of the game.

After they removed Temp Health from accumulating in Ranged Combat it meant all the Sienna Characters could no longer gain Temp Health from using their Staves. So they ALL had to defend more.

Battle Wizard’s talents are all about Fast Charging the staves. While there are some that say you don’t need full charge to spam attacks… the BW will still charge even fast quick attacks to a higher level than either of the other two jobs.

What this means in the long run, is that Sienna jobs can no longer run around with their staff out 100% of the time like they used to or they’ll get crushed. This favors Battle Wizard playstyle as they can run with their guard up all the time, and quick swap to throw in more powerful Charged Staff attacks than either of the other two jobs.

They’re just faster and get more charge out of a Staff than either of the other two jobs.

Unchained is the reverse of this, they are unaffected by Overcharge so their weapon swings aren’t as slow and they can still melee effectively unlike the other two… ALSO…they’ve got a ton more defense and health so taking a few hits here and there doesn’t affect them the way it affects the other two. And they actually accumulate Temp health in melee unlike the other two.

Pyro ends up in the shoes of both not getting the melee temp health and not being able to charge staves as fast… so at a base level they tend to fall behind. They have to make up for that with Burning Head.

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Battlewizard isn’t broken because she can charge 1 spell quicker every 6 seconds or so.


Pyromancer is really strong, can’t say I agree with buffing her. Strong melee DPS output, excellent ranged DPS output, strong tHP generation, good special sniping and can just spam ranged nonstop. Crits increase damage output by a lot, and grants armour-piercing, meaning something like conflag spam will actually kill a lot and damage elites, not to mention the limitless stagger cleave it has.


I think more build variety would be nice, she is strong but some of her talent choices are meh to say the least.
Some talents are too good not to take like The Volans Doctrine.

I can definitely agree with that. Build variety is always good, and a lot of her talents are lacking and can’t compete with the meta choice on certain rows.

It’s mostly just:
Ride the Fire Wind > Enhanced Power > Deathly Dissipation > The Volans Doctrine > Bonded Flame

She has one other notable build and that’s the melee focused/crit refund build which I genuinely have more fun with.

You’re forgetting something Mattie.

Its not just ONE charged attack every 6 seconds, its also once BW reaches Overcharge. Because they’ve got a skill with a 40% Charge Speed reduction while in Overcharge.

So it builds with each Spell for BW.

Don’t forget my tryhard micromanaging, blow up every 5 minutes because i didn’t pay attention, 15% increased ranged power build.

I don’t think you quite understand how minimal the charge time reduction is.

Yea that’s one spell every 6 seconds still. Unless you are letting the passive vent the entire bar.
Still this isn’t the reason she is broken

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I didn’t mention that one because you’re the only person I know willing to micromanage that talent so hard :'D

BW has layered reasons why she is broken.

First it’s Famished + Fire Sword.
Then you add Soot shield into the mix, along with stagger thp.

She becomes a career that can do both melee and ranged extremely well while also having good sustain and defense.

BW then has access to a damaging mobility ult on top of that on a relatively short cooldown.

There’s other things that pile on top of it too and Lingering deserves it’s own story, it’s either too strong or too weak/gimmicky.

Lingering is a mechanic that shouldn’t exist or belongs on Unchained for some synergy with her enfeebling flames support builds but even then it’s a hot topic.

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