Psyker Weapon Concept

Force Scythe

Designed to deal with both crowds and bulky enemies.
Light and heavy attacks are jus slashes.
Special attack is that psyker cherges and throws the weapon in front of him.
During the flight, the weapon pieces common enemies dealing damage, but get stuck in elites, special enemies, bosses.
When stuck in enemy the scythe slows him down and deal damage over time. Upon pressing the button again the scythe flies back to the wielder while also dealing damage. The scythe can be called back at any moment, even mid-flight.
The block would be the wielder lifting the scythe in front of him and spinning it. Any enemies that would walk into it would be damaged a little. The damage would build up, and would be released as a shock wave when the block attack is activated.

P.S. I dont know much of WH lore, so I dont know how acceptable this would be from the lore perspective, but I feel like this would be very fun to use.

Pretty pointless concept if you don’t even want to know the lore at first place to be honest.

well, if were throwing ideas around, i want a force spear

i just think spears are really neat