Psyker Rifthaven Force Staff minor venting issue - fixing it could improve the flow of the weapon

Video of the issue with input overlay

(Might seem weird, but I use 8 for reload - it’s because it’s bound to one of my mouse buttons via the mouse software.)

I noticed during some previous gameplay, that the Rifthaven staff has some weird issues with attacks not working occasionally.

I tested for a bit today, and noticed that you have to wait for a moment after venting to be able to perform an attack. If you try to attack while venting, it simply gets cancelled. (Watching the video at half speed might illustrate it better.)

I propose changing the system so that if a player initiates an attack command during venting, it simply interrupts the venting, and performs the attack.

This could greatly improve the flow of the weapon, by making sure that no attack command “gets lost” during action. Even if the current mechanic is intended, I strongly believe that attack actions should take priority over venting, IF the attack was initiated during the venting process.

Probably not top-priority stuff, but I thought I’d mention it.

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