Psyker power footage and weapon

Full gallery (To be updated).

Weapon 1: Staff

Warp Bubble: Blue orbs that travel fast in straight line.
Warp Fog: AoE Fog, no idea what it does, doesn’t seem to have much effects.

Weapon 2: Force Sword

Force block: Block incoming hits.
Force Push: Might be a separate ability.5

Weapon 3: Staff

Didn’t see light attack for this one.
AoE: Thunder explosion.

Power Sword or Biomantic Sword

Force Sword, we haven’t seen it in action so no idea what it does.
Warp fire covered enemy right before we see the group.

Grenade Ability:

Mink Crush: Crush the head of a single entity.


Bio-lightning: Throw a bolt of electricity .


We see spells from 3 of the known disciplines:

  • Biomancy (Lightning)
  • Pyromancy (Fire)
  • Telekinesis (Force, Head crush)

This give us a vast option of power for the Psyker.

  • Hammerhand/Iron Arm: Force Sword, would work somewhat like Sienna’s Fire Sword (Unarmed attacks) ( Dark Heresy 1st)
  • Psychic Shriek: Warp scream, cause nervous damage in close area (Dark Heresy 2nd)
  • Projection: Become able to reach the mind of enemies with your own (Dark Heresy 2nd), ideally ranged attack on a melee weapon
  • Firebolt: Fire balls (Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rulebook)
  • Molten Beam: Following Sienna’s Beam Staff (same as before)
  • Holocaust : AoE
  • Shockwave: The Psyker clap his hands together and cause a shockwave that snap bones and knock people of their feets
  • Telekine Dome: Protective Shield that stop bullets
  • Vortex of Doom: Create a tear btween the Material and the immaterial, unleashing warp energy
  • Forewarning: Having already seen the path, letting him move from the hail of attack without any problem
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As long as we get Sanctic Daemonology with a Holocaust ultimate ability I’m happy. :smiley:

More realistically, I do hope at least for some representation of all the disciplines. I wrote about it already in the Weapon Wishlist thread and don’t want to just copy-paste.

There’s really not much limit to what a psyker could do if they want to expand his arsenal to flesh him out but other game systems like Dark Heresy do give them a decent blueprint of what could work.

I will wait for dev confirmation on this one or just wait for release