Psyker Penance Malleus Monstronum Guide

If anyone else wanted help getting that penance done for the nice gear, this is a link to the video with everything I learned getting mine done. I sincerely hope I’m not overstepping with a post like this?

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why would you think your overstepping with a guide post?

havent watched it but unless your promoting exploits or unsportsmanlike behavior there should be no problem

I just asked my group of randos if it was fine for me to solo the best of nurgle.
The best tip is to do it on a boss with lots of open space and a few covers/corners/stairs you can use to put some distance to the boss to quell peril. Other than that a team that stays close enough to take care of random spawns is also pretty imortant.

Most fun part was them cheering/trolling, like shooting random barrels yelling “watch out, RNG event” kek. It was infuriating as f but still funny nonetheless.

I wanted to keep on playing with them to do more penances but alas merge strike teams is still not working. GG

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Hey Muk my man! how are you!

Thanks for the guide! May my Psyker’s drip almost match yours in near future :wink:

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Great! Good to hear from you homie!!! Welcome. Your Psyker drippin’ already bruh! Haha!

Hahahaha hilarious to have the team do that while you solo her hahaahah I love to hear it!