Psyker on higher diffuculty

psyker NEEDS to be able to oneshot specials and elites with brainburst on higher difficulty (except mutants, ogryns and maulers) ofc


Lol you expect Fatshark to make the game fun? Hahaha

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BB gets pretty fast to pop off and you can do a bunch of them once ur 30. It’ll be pretty op if they oneshot in heresy+

It does not get faster when you’re 30 unless you get one specific ability that does that and even then it’s few seconds of 0.75 or 0.5 casting time(can’t remember) over a longer cooldown that is also your main way of not dying if you overextend on perils.
With max charges you can cast it few more times in a row(provided you have specific perk that increases perils resistance) but that requires a significant time investment so you would have to be prepared ahead of time, building up all the charges during the fight would mean you have to also quell peril per each charge before you hit viable peril reduction.

Pouring out BB after BB into an elite or Special is just not viable on Heresy and up compared to many guns and lack of one-shot for some enemies(hounds for example) means you can’t counter them effectively as a Psyker.


Kinetic Barrage 25% quicker build up 50% less peril after using Psykinetic Wrath. Warp Battery stores up to 6 warp charges. Inner Tranquility 6% Peril Resistance per warp charge. Psykinetics Aura +15% cooldown on Psykinetic wrath per elite kill. Battle Meditation 10% chance to quil 10% peril per kill. Each time you use Psykinetic Wrath you quil 50% peril. Those traits have you spamming BB and pretty fast too.

Not sure where you read that the cooldown is longer.

In Heresy+ there are a bunch of elites so you have the supply for days to just go to town. If BB killed in 1 shot it would be broken imo. You are already throwing out so much stagger with the BB and Psykinetic wrath combo. You have to invest in it but I think that is by design. It is a BB build. There are at least 2 other builds that I see that im curious to try as well that don’t focus on BB. And we arent even taking into account the weapon traits ETC…

But that is just my 2 cents.

Lol have you seen Veteran with a bolter. Psyker would still be barely usable even with BB one shotting.

yeah no it doesnt, if you want to elite slay get a sharpshooter thats literally why theyre in the game