Psyker is pathetically weak after nerfs

They need to make a way for staffs and force sword to reliably give warp charges without making every psyker pick that 10% brainburst on hit talent.

It would be nice if brain bursts charge did half the damage a bolter can do in the time it takes to get one brain burst off.


Well you barely see any psyker in games now.

I have maybe 1 psyker every 3 game in the team, if that, that is how much they trashed the class.

Why bother with something like what they turned the class into when you get the generic veteran that is once more left untouched to cater the cod crowd.


Veteran is not overpowered(maybe bolter is)

His power level is needed at high level and the other characters should be amped up, or the higher difficulty should be lowered after nerfing vet.

Started playing in the open beta and have now started doing tier 4 runs and was wondering why I was having such a hard time. One thing that I noticed (that I don’t think anyone mentioned in this thread) is that one of the penances for psykers is doing 5 BBs within 10s, which got me thinking I was missing some sort of mechanic but it turns out it’s just flat out impossible with these nerfs (that I didn’t know existed because I didn’t play before them).

I do like the aspect of constantly having to be mindful about my peril levels and I felt like I had an impact until tier 3 since I could be on alert for elites and get rid of them for my team that’s dealing with the hordes but now on tier 4 (haven’t tried 5) it takes me a lot longer to kill them and I’m rendered rather useless, as others have mentioned. The class really can be quite something if it insta kills elites (even at the expense of more peril or any other downside…)

Psyker feels even worse now after launch


100% Agree with OP, I was lvl 28 at the end of the beta with Psyker and was loving the complexity of the gameplay vs sharpshooter, it was a lot to balance and juggle but when you got it right and were mopping up enemies and really helping the team it felt fantastic but now its really bad, the changes are all negative and add to that the super squishy nature of the psyker with the toughness changes and I feel like a burden rather than a valuable member of the team.


Well lets hope the new toughness calculation get change asap …
Because psyker was bad at end of beta and it is now somehow worst ><

What in particular feels worse?

I think they changed your ability so it doesnt interrupt ‘casts’ anymore. I do think they may have nerfed the width on flamestorm staff.

Well psyker was in a bad state in preorder beta and that wasn’t addressed at all in the launch patch.
Moreover with the now bugged toughness bleed in psyker are more frail than ever so it’s even worst to play now.


+1 Agreed
I have now stopped playing psyker because its just not fun anymore, the toughness issue is brutal with such a squishy class


Soulblaze should be permanent until the target dies
The flame staff attack should count as soulblaze damage to synergize with the traits
Targets affected by soulblaze should have a chance to explode and spread soulblaze to nearby enemies
Soulblaze should deal damage every 0.2(or something like that) seconds
Flame staff should apply stacks a lot faster especially when fully charged
Flame staff MB1 attack should have a wider cone

Purgatus flames staff seems to apply soulblaze and give warp charge frome Ascendant Blaze in Meat Grinder.
But as soulblaze way too weak anything is more likely to die frome another source so in a mission it’s possible to not get a single warp charge from soulblaze…

My list of suggestions:

  • Brain Burst should give a Warp Charge even if someone else kill the marked enemy;
  • Warp Charges should last longer;
  • Force Sword should give a Warp Charge with special attack;
  • Force Sword: all attacks should be considered Warp-based (to get +15% damage from Psykinetic’s Wrath feat);
  • Force Sword push should interrupt specials (like Mutant’s charge): the Perils cost and the lack of other interruptions in Psyker’s arsenal balance this (only surge staff);
  • Force Sword should have the Blessing Deflector by default + 2 other random blessing (the Master-Crafter version, as all other weapons).

Luckily it does!

Upvoted because Fatshark arent acknowledging us!

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It’s only if the DOT kills, right? And not the direct damage from the staff itself.

I’ve noticed all the staves are markedly weaker, doesn’t play the same at all. The voidstrike staff especially seems much weaker, doesn’t penetrate trash as much as it used to, fully charged can’t even kill a dreg gunner in two hits on malice… could be wrong, could be the staff yet its the highest tier with unreal dmg, just doesn’t feel right. Noticed it on my first mission, dps isn’t the same at all. perhaps all the weapons got rebalanced not sure but psyker pre-launch was different to the psyker we have now.

I will say, Psyker is an amazing class to play if you’re good and know the limitations/weaknesses of the class, very strong in capable hands. Unfortunately, its much harder to do now.

I know it is marketed as the ultimate elite/special killer but i feel as though it’s one of the best horde managers/clearers, also being a good sniper and crusher killer. Not sure how newer players are going to feel though, would be concerning if more or newer psykers opt out of the force weapon combo before learning their role is better as support in current meta not hunting down every special they find, would be a sign that something is wrong.

unfortunately i dont have a way to confirm it, but it feels like both the direct damage and the dot are the same effect. Going into the meat grinder and going to town on the adds gets you stacks crazy fast