Ps4 vermintide2 chaos waste stage choosing bug

hello I am playing in ps4pro version&Chinese language.
Expedition mode have issue after last update:
when in the map where player have to choose token for next stage,the cursor didnt aim to the point where player choose the token,the cursors actually function point locate a little southwest to the player I have to aim the cursor to northeast a bit to actually choose the token.

this come to a result that me and my friend cant choose tokens on the right of the map,cos we cant move cursor out of screen.Thus we can`t finish expedition.

We do try change language to english and resolustion to 1080p,didn`t change anything.
But I found some player(from spain,swiss) can accurate choose the token in the right of map?this confused me.
plz figure out and fix this,thank you.

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Yeah. I am playing it on PS5 and getting the same issue on ‘chaos waste’ staging choose.

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