[PS4] Vermintide 2 - Version 1.06

'twould seem they finally got the approvals boys.

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Hooray, the update’s finally here. :grin:

I’m happy to see that our fellow ratstabbers are getting their patch! I’m just waiting for all of them to lose their minds with excitement over the weekly challenges; every single one has been well worth it.

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Good job, I really appreciate the faster loading times when joining games. The weekly mutator is fantastic. Lobby browser… The wait was worth it. Keep up your great work, thx.

So, where are bonfires for winter event? :fire: Both frames doesn’t require lighting them. I checked at least “Hunger in the dark” and bonfire nowhere to be found.

There are actually a couple other threads on that that are already posted; I’d recommend keeping track of them. If an answer is needed it’ll likely be posted there; otherwise it means that you will need to go look for them. There is word on the wind that some of them have been moved for the console versions.

I’ll need to check but I’m not sure we were able to get the bonfires in (although it seems Fort B seems to have a bonfire present, which would be unintneded. Last I heard there is an additional quest which offers the second frame.


I w0uld like to say that since i installed the update on my ps4 pro gibs do not show up no decapitations or arms being chopped off please fix it because it is what makes vermintide fun. Are you aware of this? Is This just something local to me? What can i do to fix it?

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Very very exciting, thanks FS!!

The game crashes while initially loading into the keep, every time.

My game was doing that earlier, but after a while the game just started working normally again.

since 1.06 the game crashes mid run and for some reason the crash is so bad my ps4 has to be completely restarted. losing legendary because of a crash, then restarting the ps4, then reconnecting the group just to have it happen again makes the game unplayable.

I am happy to finally get some additional support on ps4 but since I have updated I have been having a lot of connecting issues. Be it trying to connect to someone else or someone connecting to me. It all revolves around quick play matches.

I am not getting dbl xp :sweat_smile:

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Same. I assume a hot fix has been done. Fast response from them.

I gotta say the game was more fun Before the patch… i miss the decapitations it did so much i hardly play it now because its not as revarding anymore….

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I bought a 3 months of PS+ on physical voucher card from Wal-Mart last Thursday, I tried to redeem it on my PS4 through PS Store, but it said it is having a error redeeming this. Tried it again on PS Store website on my laptop, this time it said that the code isn’t activated. So I contacted Playstation Omegle Support through Live Chat (I’m deaf, so mind you.), asked them about that situation; so they wanted me to send a email with picture of voucher card, both front and back alongside with Appvalley receipt for proof of purchase. So on that following day, they respond me back and they confirmed that the voucher card isn’t activated, they told me to go back to retailer to confirm to make sure it was activated, so I went back to Wal-Mart yesterday and went to customer service to ask them to confirmed that the voucher card was activated, they said that it was already activated but I was bit perplexed about that; then they called the manager in to take a look at it and I even showed them the email from PS Support on my phone and told them about that. But they said they couldn’t do anything with since it was non-refundable or getting my cash back (really I didn’t asked for this but I already know it was non-refundable anyways), so I tried to redeem the code again on PS Store through PS App on my phone but it still says inactive… So what I am going to do next? Wal-mart says it is activated but PS Store says it isn’t activated… So I don’t know what to do, I just really want to use my 3 months of PS+ on already…

I don’t represent Sony support or Wal-Mart, but perhaps Sony Support could add the time to your account and deactivate the key / card you purchased.


Well if they refuse to give you a working Product for the Money you gave them then why dont you just report them to the police it must be illegal to sell things that doesnt work.

I am also not getting more xp than before. Also while choosing a difficulty the game still shows different experience multipliers, like 125% for veteran, 200% for legend…
Did i misunderstand the patchnotes?