PS4 season 2 leaderboard didn't update

Why season 2 leaderboard didn’t updated since 25.09? My team have passed 80 weaves but on the leaderboard we are still at 68.
We waited for a new patch to fix this problem, but this did not happen
Please let me know if you are going to fix this problem?
My team includes Originall512, dn-xx, VoidScorn and Ahenar

Has Season 2 for PS4 started yet? If you’re inbetween Seasons, the leaderboards are frozen until the new one starts.

If Season 2 has started and the leaderboards are not updating then send in a support ticket here:

Season 2 was ended on 15 October. Leaderboard was frozen on 25 september. Why it happen so early?
And why hasn’t it been announced? Did we play for three weeks for nothing?

Did you send in a support ticket? The leaderboards are suppose to freeze at the end of the season.

That is very strange indeed…

Уеs, I sent on a support ticket. Thank you

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You’re welcome! I hope it gets resolved or they can give you an answer why it ended so early!

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