Ps4 roadmap? Maybe?

So i was just wondering if us on ps4 could get a hint of some kind as to when we will get an update to fix bugs or if we are just gonna have to wait till a full update

PC Roadmap got removed as it was derailed completely by some fairly nasty bugs. Once it got taken down half of the PC crowd went into full foaming-at-the-mouth mode about “Broken promises” and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Don’t think we’ll ever see a Roadmap on any platform again after the idiotic backlash it caused.


And that’s good, it was a mistake for sure.

About as idiotic as the roadmap itself was, it was the last thing needed with an already dodgy start.


Alas it would be a pretty vague roadmap, no dates or specific content, just vague goals marked with “when we get to it, probably”… there is a strict no roadmap policy around here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I jest, but after they missed targets for the first PC roadmap and then the community threw a tantrum that still continues to this day… probably won’t be seeing any more roadmaps.

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Didn’t know that good to know kinda sucks though but I’ve played games that the developers put out roadmaps that changed like Warframe the roadmap is always shifting and stuff gets pushed back and delayed but people don’t lose their minds over it. I just wanted a rougch outline.

Yeah I think that was the problem. FS didn’t talk and didn’t adjust the road map so people got even more annoyed.

Oh nice

I dont need a roadmap, just feedback on what they are looking to patch/fix. Connection issues have been really bad on the PS4 and even though they acknowledged it (is has been quite a while), there has yet to be any major announcement of it. Im still having fun and happy that they at least acknowledged the connection issues, but everytime it happens (seemingly around 4 games in a row…) it really has been pushing people away who I’ve talked to in game. I use to play every day but now only randomly until there is an actual patch.

Ya I would say at least 1 in 5 games gets a connection issue and after leveling 3 characters to 30 and having the other 2 almost to 20 I have had a total of 2 games with under 200 ping. So I checked my connection and the only time I have a ping of over 190 is if I’m connection with someone over 6000 miles away. The ping is what is most frustrating to me cause it can make a game impossible to play. I had a run where my ping was over 1000 the whole game I don’t know why or how i didn’t just get kicked out or disconnected but with over 1000 ping you get at least a full second delay between what you see and what is happening with the enemy animations and that’s if they even show an animation to you. A rat ogre we ran into didn’t even have any animations for me I would hit it a few times then get knocked back then it would just slide across the ground to me and presumably it stared me to death cause it just got in front of me and I died. But the other 3 people playing were moving almost as normal with a few lag spikes here and there. All in all I just wanna know what in the world causes this particular game to have such high ping. It is literally killing me (in game).

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