Protective Presense is not working with Rock of the Reikland

15% damage reduction from the Protective Presense is not working with Rock of the Reikland. Tested with Stormvermin overhead strike. Damage received = 90 (10% dr). Not sure if it works for allies or not. Over talents in the line do give 15% dr.


Yeah, noticed the absense of the aura icon while playing last night. The description implies that it should only cause your teammates not benefitting from the aura anymore. Unless you count yourself as an “ally” as well, you’d expect the 15% damage reduction to still work for yourself.

So, FS, intended or not?

Uhh, You talking about Tag Team talent, do you? Kruber have 15% dr with it, so the description is correct.

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Yeah, I mixed up the talents, my bad. But you’re saying Kruber has 10% damage reduction passive and the 15% damage reduction of his normal aura?

I believe Protective Presence isn’t working in general right now.

I understand that’s supposedly the intent, but what I’m saying is that I only saw the buff icon fir Tag Team, and not that of Krub’s aura anymore, as I selected Tag Team kast night.

Do you meant that, if you use the talent "doubled aura and +20% block cost reduction, you lose the aura’s damage reduction? This is suuuuper bad… I hope it’s a bug.

EDIT: I tested it. I confirm: Rock of the Reikland doesn’t give anymore damage reduction

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