Proposed Small Change to Grail Knight

I actually like grail knight for the most part so I don’t think he needs major changes right now, but I would like to see some small QoL to his ult. Namely, his ult (especially the double swing via virtue of audacity) can be very unsafe to use because there’s a lot of post-animation lock. I think it’s a reasonable change to reduce this animation lock so you’re able to act close to immediately after ulting.

I don’t think this would be a huge buff, and I don’t think he needs one right now. It feels rather bad when the animation lock is relevant and for comparison shade doesn’t have this problem (and also has stealth) so I don’t think this change would make him suddenly op or anything.


Yeah, i’ve noticed the lock too. Got killed quite a few times because of it

Completely agreed.

Agree with that.

An alternative could be to give this ult same 360 degree stagger like Bounty Hunter ult has.

Absolutely agree, I get the purpose of it as a balancing tool, but it’s a bit too long currently in my opinion, ends up feeling slightly awkward, as if you should be able to block but your inputs are getting eaten or something.

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