Proposals to alleviate/improve grind and reduce overall FOMO

1.I think its safe to say most people do not like logging in every round hour to check the store out of fear of missing out some item that would be useful as a base, so I suggest the following ;
Suppose I go about my daily normally, get back home at evening, and finally sit down to play the game at 9 PM roughly, since the last time I logged into the game was yesterday, the game should be able to identify that I wasn’t present for roughly 20 shop cycles, thus the game issues me 20 reroll tokens, which I can spend in the shop to get new selections of items all at once, in doing this, players will no longer log in merely to check the shop and leave. Furthermore these reroll tokens should expire at midnight of each day, the reason being is that if it were possible to accumulate a large quantity, then perhaps(?) it could be exploited for a form of DDOS, so, dispense said reroll tokens on the basis of your activity during that day only.

2.In line with #1, the selection in the shop should feature one of each item type (specifically, weapons), in this way, you’ll increase the chances of getting a better item of a certain type, as well as allow players who are in the process of leveling up to experiment with different weapons rather than get frustrated since they didn’t see weapon X for like a week.

3.With regards to the weekly shop, I suggest the following, on Sunday, show a selection of items for sale, but instead of said selection going away at midnight, keep it around, and present another selection for Monday side by side (for example, by using tabs), likewise repeat this for Tuesday etc with Saturday being when the 7th selection of items is shown to the player and once Saturday is over, start fresh with next weeks Sunday selection, thus repeating the cycle. The idea is to allow players time to do their weeklies in order to purchase an item or two from any one of the potential selections that will appear throughout the week, as well as grant them more time to do so (in other words, not having to check the weekly shop each day).

4.Once you reach level 30, exp gain doesn’t do anything, and thus +Z%exp gained stats on trinkets become utterly useless. To remedy this, as well as alleviate the phenomenon of players feeling stuck with their gears current modifiers, I suggest the following ;
When enough exp is gained (lets say, the same amount as was needed for level 30), you gain one point to spend both on the melee weapon and the ranged weapon you had equipped on that mission, each point can be spent to increase one of the modifiers on the weapon by a single percent. In other words, if you play with certain weapons long enough, you’ll gradually perfect their modifiers, in so doing, you no longer have to obsess over the store since by playing the game, you will incrementally perfect your equipped weapons modifiers (which can be repeated for several loadouts obviously). This would also encourage players to play on higher difficulty settings as you gain more exp and thus will be able to improve your weapons faster. I was also going to suggest being able to upgrade weapon traits for a certain sum of points (lets say, 10 points to upgrade T1 to T2, 20 points to upgrade T2 to T3, and 40 points to upgrade T3 to T4), but perhaps this particular aspect of upgrading your gear will be addressed in the crafting system, idk.

  1. In regards to weeklies, specifically with respect to contracts like collect X tomes, or Y books, I’d recommend to make it so there’s a minimum of one mission with each of these optional objectives available across all five difficulty settings.

6.Lastly, merging corruption resistance and corruption resistance (Grimoires) would go a long way towards making the stat desirable and reducing confusion/clutter.

Feedback/Input is appreciated.

~Regards Ghostrider

They can’t do that becasue Tencent. This is all typical mobile games schemes that Tencent is famous from.