Properties cycle for better reroll

just like how jewel alchemy done in monster hunter world.

…Which works how, exactly?

I’ve never played Monster Hunter World myself.

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theyve an array of jewels per players.
both finishing an mission and brew will increase the index.

for instance

vs skaven
vs chaos
crit chance

reroll 1st:
vs skaven & chaos

reroll 2nd
vs chaos
crit chance

and so on.

I’m not sure I entirely understand.

So rerolling would just increase the amount of different properties in your “table”?

Isn’t that what it currently does regardless?

Simple solution would be to just allow us to reroll 1 property instead of both.


I woudl gladly just have option to instantly roll whatever i want with some absurd price (100 of each powder or higher), its better option than waste time for it


I will drink to that

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