Progression speed - faster levels or rewards sooner

Please make the progression faster, I’ve been playing for almost 10 hours on one single character, a Zealot (lvl 10), and I still have no interesting weapons whatsoever. Been using axe for over half that playtime, because the other melee weapons I have available to me are just boring and don’t even feel effective.

Solution: Make all the MAIN weapons for a class available sooner. Meaning, Zealot gets all melee weapons 10 levels earlier than on the current chart (12 levels for the first interesting weapon - a chainsword, really??), veteran gets the ranged weapons sooner, psyker gets staves sooner etc.

Slow exp, slow leveling and very few actual new weapons make the game very unrewarding to play.

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I think the whole progression system will need an overhaul. AFAIK the business model of this game is to make us buy a new DLC character every 3 months.

Imagine you’re playing at the highest threat level, now would you be willing to go back and play threat 2, 3 & 4 for 20+ hrs every three months to level back up to threat 5 again?

That absolutely killed Destiny 2 for me, grinding stupid ass pinnacles to get back into GM Nightfalls.