Problem with the ordo dockets and problem with matchmaking

My problem with ordo dockets

I think the way ordo dockets currently work is punishing to casual players. The prices of shop items increase as you progress, incentivizing people into higher difficulties, but not every player is ready to tackle those high difficulties. Vermintide 2 did not slow down progression for players who only wanted to play Veteran difficulty.

The problem with pushing players into higher difficulties is even if players have the highest possible item power the game allows they may not be adept enough to handle the pace and damage of higher difficulties but because they see their progress slowing they feel forced to play the higher difficulties. But this isn’t an RPG game where you can become over-leveled to make everything easier, enemies only get deadlier in higher difficulty. Players shouldn’t be encouraged to go out of their skill level too soon or they’ll just become a burden to the team.

How I would change the ordo dockets

Docket reward should be normalized across all difficulties the way experience was in Vermintide 2. It should instead be unique per player and scale with whatever causes the shop prices to scale up with a bonus modifier for difficulty because cosmetics are expensive and fashion is endgame.

Also on the subject of mission rewards I think higher difficulties should have a bonus modifier on crafting material rewards since like Vermintide it’s players tackling higher difficulties who most need to create items with perfect stats.

My problem with matchmaking

From what I’ve experienced matchmaking seems to only match level 30s with other level 30s. This makes leveling a new character a pain because I know when I’m strong enough to take on Heresy difficulty but if I try to quickplay Heresy the matchmaker will give me inexperienced players or it will be unable to find any players because of some unmet matchmaker requirement and I’m forced to play with bots.

I think this should be changed to instead have the matchmaker check if the player has any level 30 characters and allow them to be matched with other 30s based on that or let people match with level 30s if they’ve successfully cleared that difficulty already.

Some change to the matchmaker will need to happen sooner or later when the game no longer has its Brand New Game player count.