Prize Bounty not working under certain conditions in Chaos Wastes

I recently ran into an issue where I picked up Prize Bounty as a boon in Chaos Wastes, but the skill didn’t function (this was with Repeater Pistol, and it wasn’t working with either normal shots or charged shots). However, I have picked it up before with different weapons, and it functioned like normal.

How to replicate:

  • Pick Blessed Combat as your starting talent.
  • Find a a repeater pistol in Chaos Wastes.
  • Find Prize Bounty as an additional boon.
  • Blessed shots will still consume ammo, rendering the boon worthless.

When I ran into the issue, I rerolled my ranged weapon at a shrine and happened to get another, different repeater pistol, but the problem still persisted. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to see if rolling a different weapon type would fix the bug.

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