Pressing F and game not registering ult use

not sure when this started happening but there is an issue as of late (maybe a month or 2) where the game is not inputing the queue for using the ult with F. gotta hit it a few times in a stress situations like horde+bosses+alot of stuff going on. seems like some input problem that changed. a few of my friends are also experiencing this.

also, i posted about the a different bug along time ago when the VMF stuff got fixed. after that fix, respawns have been VERY buggy. ppl are occupying the same spawn slot. respawned bodies are trigger pat and boss triggers. a respawned body is counting as player progress so the next spawn if 2 ppl spawn right after eachother spawns in the next next zone. this is a big problem Fatshark pls fix these spawning bug. last thing anyone wants is teammates dying and their bodies pulling boss triggers while we are already short on alive teammates while the alive ppl have to kill whatever killed that teammate!


I think I ran into this issue a couple times in the past two weeks, strange that this is suddenly a thing now.


I’ve noticed this one several times before, going back a long while. For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed it mostly on some careers and not others (ex: happens a lot on WHC, but not on BH).

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Can confirm WHC needs some serious massaging of the F key if you want to rely on your ult interrupting some attacks.

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can comfirm had this one with mercenary since last year and it still happend the times when you need to use utl like WHC quickly.

Get ready for the CW map(s) :pepeW:

Happened to me as WHC a few times for sure

I’ve also had situation like that, it was during monster + pat + horde fight. Another time was during monster + horde, so it might ring a bell. First time happened on WHC and onother one on IB.

This has happened to me a fair bit on WHC. I always assumed I was pressing block at the wrong time and cancelling my ult without realising. Interesting to see that others are experiencing this.

Whc and merc ults seems to be melee attached, so in order to pull em off you should be mid swing with that heavy halberd of yours

Its annoying af and should be fixed imo

Yea pressing F doesn’t seem to work (anymore) when you’re in a weapon action that you can’t block cancel.
It’s noticeably worse on slower weapons.

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