Prediction, latest end of February we have lower Playercount than V2 in its worst days

How come that i write this?
Easy as soon as people lvl’d their characters, and found out that the mission system is random including all secondarys and modifiers, and there is no reward for completing them.

Then we have a loot system which is non existent since its not tied to your playtime when you have enough currency just to your login, 1h /24h shop resets.

Now they announced their crafting system, which is even worse since it will be like other games ,with like 1000 times more loot as reward (non shop) like diablo2, where people can only reroll 1 perk/blessing and so on.

people will feel frustrated sooner or later, beside some people who enjoy the gameplay (which they can find in V2 too with less shooting, fare more polished) most people will stop playing.

When player’s can’t influence their progress in anyway and all items are RNG rolls, on top of loot RNG rolls, on top of RNG rolls crafting, on top of RNG Rolls missions and the turnout rate is so low like now, frustration will come up and people will look for games with a similiar gameplay loop and more rewarding system.

The devs and Community Managers ignore all critique of the playerbase including closed beta, when they wake up it will be to late and the game will have a playerbase like v2 with max 3k logins.


Currently in my game rotation, Darktide is competing with this game:

It’s not winning very often…


I had kid free time last night and sat down to play Darktide. I checked the stores, went and looked at the mission map and saw there were no heresy missions and all of the secondaries were for grimoires so I couldn’t even work on my weekly scripture grind.

I just stopped playing and haven’t felt compelled to play at all today. :cry:


Ratropolis is kind of an unfair comparison though, it’s better than a LOT of games.


For me it’s Deep Rock Galactic and Rimworld. Gonna start with Vermintide 2 again soon too.


Just bought Cyberpunk on sale. If not enough of my friends are on Vermintide then I’ll give that game a shot.

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It’s actually really good as an RPG. the launch was crappy enough, but they put in the work to fix it up.

Easily one of the best RPG in a /long/ time.


Problem with always-online Games-as-a-service games is that when they lose Steam, developers kill the servers and therefore rendering the game unplayable. Many games I played lots (like Dark Spore) are unplayable today because the servers are dead.

So what, Fatshark are just gonna turn the game off if it doesn’t perform as good as they want? Or are they suddenly gonna make it Peer-2-Peer out of nowhere to support the dwindling playerbase in a few months? We don’t know.


Worst case is they shut it down if Darktide does poorly. Slightly less worst case is they repackage and resell the game as a p2p.


Well, yeah. That’s how Unreal Tournament 3 died basically.


So many good games have died that way.

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the way the shop and everything is setup, I think we have a chance to see this game turn into F2P.

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Yeah, actually, now that I think about it, they have a history of doing just that.

They already did it to War of the Roses and War of the Vikings.

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