Pre-emptive Needs More Chainsaws post (among other things)

Firstly: I saw you reusing the great hammer animations! You can’t fool me!

ok but on to the point of the post, we see the Ministorum Priestess

Sure, she looks badass enough here with Bardin Gorekson’s her inquisition-approved hammer.

But imagine how much cooler she’d look with one of these

Everyone knows power weapons are for weebs and the Space Marines, the real cogworks of the Imperium use Chainsaws!

Chainsaws, chainswords, chainaxes, chainfists, probably a chainhammer if they could, the Admech is still working out how to attach chainsaws to Ogryns.

Speaking of Ogryns look at this adorable guy and his not-blunderbuss

Now picture him with one of these

That’s two chainsaws! Two chainsaws on two guns attached to one ogryn! It’s perfect! Let’s do it, Fatshark! For the Emperor!

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That’s from a Titan, way bigger/stronger than an Ogryn

Those are old Ogryn Melee weapon

(Usually surgically attached on the hand/stump of the Ogryn)

  • Charonite Claw (Crucher and cutter)
  • Charonite Grinder

The meatgrinder fist is totally badass.

But it’s still not two chainsaws on two guns :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Design wise, there’s not much difference between the Titan Ripper and a Space Marine stormbolter with a chainsaw bayonet. I found the ripper first so that was the example I ran with

There’s tons of Ogryn specific weapons I hope make it into the game, but for whatever reason, a distinct lack of Emperor approved Ogryn chainsaws. This is a problem within 40k that needs to be fixed!

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She look like ugly mutant freak :confused:

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sounds like a personal issue


No, it’s a subjective opinion

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I suspect that she will have access to the heavy chainsaw (forgot it’s name) - maybe for a Repentia class ?


They’re called Eviscerator :+1: and I need no less than two of them.


Dual-wield eviscerators? By the emprah and all that is holy… :wink:

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