Power reduction fix - a question

Important: I’m not here to talk about balance, I would just like a clarification.

If I have understood, after this patch, ranged pg can’t one shot (in melee) crowd enemies… while, melee pg, still can do it thanks their specifics talents. I would like another solution, but this is still ok.

But, my doubt, is: with this patch also will nerf ranged capacity against special? With this power nerf, ranged pg will be able to kill effectively specials? Because, maybe, some ranged pg need little adjustments (like Pyro or BH), but not too heavy! Also: “just ok pg” like huntsman/WS, will they be destroyed?


Abbreviation for “character”… I think it is used only in my country, sorry.

Both melee and ranged get the same damage nerf, since ranged usually does more damage per hit, if they fail to oneshot, your melee will too.

To get an idea of where your damage/cleave will be, if you have 600 HP, go down to 300-350 (iirc) to see where the stuff will stand.
Huntsman with the handgun will probably be destroyed, he really relies too much on onehits, with blunder it’s another matter.
BH would mostly remain unaffected i believe, unless it significantly impacts how much his volley can pierce.
WS just shoots infinite arrows, so i don’t really see her being too significantly impacted.

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i think the stagger amount and how many targets you cleave are what will be changed more than anything. when the game went live, i noticed cleaving and knocking things down far more than killing them faster. went from barely being able to push marauders or stagger them to knocking them down on swings, being able to stagger packmasters, hit way more targets etc.

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Nerfing ranged character melee power is ok, but nerfing their ranged weapons is so stu*id (with a few exceptions)… they will lose their role of “special slayer”; this patch, as description, should be limited to melee combat… ?!

Anyway thanks for answers.

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