Potion of Endless Bombs + Valaya's Brew = Bugged Torch on Miasma of Pestilence

During a run-through on Legend on the map Cinder Peak, playing as the Mercenary Kruber.

I had the torch of purification equipped, and had the boon of Valaya’s Brew, with the potion of Endless Bombs in my inventory. And upon ult’ing, I put away the torch (like I would with a normal weapon, which would normally be re-equipped upon potion effect end), and took out the bomb (as per the effect of Valaya’s Brew) and upon the potion’s effect ending… I drew out my Hammer instead of the Torch.

I still had the effect of holding the torch afterwards, and the AOE followed me around, but I could not equip the torch again, or throw it away, and could only switch between my items and weapons. Not a harmful bug, but a bug none the less.

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