Possible New Weapons

Lantern shield Lantern shield - Wikipedia
Kunsthistorisches Museum: Schild: Laternenschild mit Eisenhandschuh und einschiebbarer Stoßklinge
Cool looking shield. The player could turn on and off the light by pressing weapon special button. The dagger part on the fist can be used as a weapon.
It might behave similarly like the sword and dagger.
Can be paired with a rapier, a western saber, a falchion or a katzbalger.

Western saber: http://myarmoury.com/talk/files/sncl.pyramid.falchion.hearts_119.jpg
You may search the term Swiss saber, or Sinclair saber for pictures.

Falchion: a late version like this one: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/24904
Its blade is not simple, some might even think this is fantasy. Cool looking hilt. Can be used for thrusts as well.
Other stuff http://myarmoury.com/talk/files/falchionmatrix_639.jpg

Katzbalger https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-XyFFeENnnow/UcbLTv4mQAI/AAAAAAAANMA/HRTwELigeCU/w514-h850-no/EHV-SG-07+%28104%29.jpg
A bit shorter sword, it has good vibes with Kruber. The sword part of the mace and sword weapon could have been a katzbalger.

Hungarian shield https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Jagiellonian_Ms.Germ.Quart.16_(Gladiatoria)_55r_-_Messer_and_Hungarian_shield.jpg
Edit: The so-called Hungarian shield has no known roots in Hungary. It appears in a German codex only, in the Gladiatoria fechtbuch.
Cool combination with swords or sabers, and it has a thrusting spike. Many would consider it fantasy.
The advangage in game is the possible animations, a bit different parry and the thrust. It has defensive capabilities and it doesn’t block the sight.

Another Hungarian (hussar) shield https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/35793
There are examples from Western Europe as well, especially from Germany and Austria.
The advantage for the player is a bit increased visibility in the front.

Rondash shield Rondash and rondachiers. From benefits to beauty
It fits the Renaissance feel. The rondash can paired with any one handed weapon.
Steel shield. It’s not just a flat disc but convex, sometimes with a flat border. The surface can be covered with nice decoration. Feels real unlike the CoA type shields in the game.
It can have a spike in the center for thrusts or a short one for decoration.

Pistol useable as a mace. The old pistols had big balls on their hilts, so the hero could grap the barrel and hit rats with the hilt. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/22389
A carbine could be used a similar way but with two hands.

Axe pistol combined weapon. Denix Axe-Pistol, Germany 17th. C. - YouTube

Spiky mace https://i.pinimg.com/originals/37/d0/eb/37d0ebd10c1bfeee7d8361127abdd252.jpg
A thrust in the light chain or special attack.
A spike could be on an axe, too.

Pollaxe. Knightly Pollaxe – Arms & Armor
A typical knightly, heavy hitting weapon. Short, about 1.5 meter length.
The main thing would be to use the spike on the butt end to attack. A perfect copy is not possible but here you are the idea: How to use a poleaxe - YouTube
The axe part could be used for damage and the hammer part for stagger.

If you ever made Vermintide 3 and give Kruber a spear, you might call it a half-pike. It’s an existing term for short pikes. It’s essentially a spear but the pike part of the name recalls the pikemen troops.

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Interesting O.o Never heard of it before. But you realize that the second article outright calls the Lantern shield bullocks. Despite all its function it isn’t really functionable. Which is not surprising considering how many stuff they wanted it to do at once.

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Weapons I want:


  • Spear and shield (Waystalker and Shade)
  • Sword and shield (universal)
  • A warglaive skin that looks like the one used by Wildwood Rangers in TW:WH
  • Spear and sword (Waystalker)
  • Sword and whip (Shade)
  • Permanent change to the way she fights with Longsword
  • (Edited) Har Ganeth Executioner sword (Shade)

Markus Kruber

  • Outrider pistol w/ sword (All except Grail Knight)
  • Heavy crossbow w/ pavise shield (Huntsman and Mercenary)
  • Outrider grenade launcher (All except Grail Knight)


  • Dual pistols (Outcast Engineer)

Do you realize in this game you can swing a spear, cut with rapier effectively, swing fast with a 2h axe? Etc.
What second article btw? I linked only a single article.

A lot of those weapon are already present:

Falchion (and Falchion paired with an Axe) for Saltz, Katzbalger is similar in use to a Falchion, a Pike is redundant on Kruber since he already has a Spear (and a Spear/Shield)

The Halberd is a decedent of the Poleaxe so Kruber already has it in a way

For the shield, Hungary is represented (with most Slav cultures) as Kislev, I think that Kislevite weapon would arrive with a Kislevite character if they make another series or a new group (So either Vt3 or another Tide game) and the Rondash are ancient shields, maybe a Spanish Rondoleros Shield for Sienna could work better

Lantern Shield could be re-imagined to be a shield for Sienna

Also alternative Sword option:

Exe Sword of Har Ganeth for exemple

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I won’t correct all your mistakes but this might be important. The so-called Hungarian shield has no known roots in Hungary. It appears in a German codex only, in the Gladiatoria fechtbuch.


cool stuff. most shields ingame have attacks as charged bashes, this thing could have attacks in the light chain.

neat idea for a mixed weapon. i’d prefer a long rifle version with this axe attachment. Double barreled, high precision, lower damage than handgun. Initial stance with the weapon - held as 2h axe, can do light attacks and charged attacks with Left Mouse Button. Pressing and holding RMB he quickly switches to rifle grip and aims, left click to shoot. Kruber could really use a new ranged weapon.

i’d love this, preferably utilizing all 3 striking bits of the weapon, with well thought complex comboing.

or bec de corbin (polehammer) https://www.masqueespadas.com/en/shop/weapons/axes/bec-de-corbin-2/

Another thing i’d want is Arbalest / Heavy crossbow (Kruber / Saltz, maybe Bardin).
with complex loading mechanism. Loading requires not moving for a second, the crossbow is pointed to the ground (but the camera doesn’t), you see your hands working on the cranks, then you lift it up and can run, while the other hand places the bolt. It should be very big, half the body length of kruber easily, and pack more punch than handgun. Pierce a lot of mobs, maybe have a wider hitbox than usual arrows, like drake pistols are.

or a crossbow variant not commonly known - ancient greek Gastraphetes. very quaint, just like chinese Zhuge crossbow which inspired the ingame’s repeating crossbows.