Position audio for dialogue is all wrong

I’ve got a 5.1 sound system, and half the time, my character’s dialogue sounds like it’s coming from behind me rather than from the center channel like It always used to do. It’s pretty disorienting.

Edit; after playing some more, it almost seems as though the source of the player’s own audio trails them around, or gets dropped somewhere, so moving forwards when they speak will have the dialogue ‘behind’ them, but if you turn around, the audio will pan around to the front channel.

Getting the same issue here. With 5.1 speakers it seems to work just fine but with Corsair Voids (7.1 virtualized) the sound does what #1 says…

Also, they quality seems worse aswell for the headset (not speakers) like if it was recorded on an old casstte… not sure how to explain. Its just lower quality.

I have the same problem with 5.1. The voice of my character warps around when moving and all other voices don’t come through properly, only when really close to them. I have integrated Realtek HD soundcard.

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