Please stop wasting my time with perk rerolls

Ruins the mouse twice as quickly and busts the springs in gamepads twice as fast.

For real, how the heck is Fatshark this deaf to player feedback?
We ask for the Refinement system to give us what we want by the time we’ve burnt enough resources to get to the ‘free’ stage… We ask to at LEAST get Tier-4 rolls ONLY at that stage if they don’t wanna just give us a drop-down menu to select our maxed perks from…

And don’t even get me started on how bad the RNG is for Brunt’s Armory.
I’ve spent two bloody days rolling for a singular gun and have yet to get any raw stat rolls at or above 360… Let alone 370+.
It’s a sadistic, infuriating waste of my time, effort and focus.
The update to make sure folks at lvl.30 only roll above 300 has had practically no effect, because folks at lvl.30 DO NOT WANT GEAR WITH RAW STAT ROLLS BELOW 360.

Like, it’s immediately trashed. Ain’t even worth breaking down for a trait, because when you roll them from Brunt’s Armory they’re grey rarity and thus would take several upgrades to even get a trait on them to melt-down for later… Not to mention the fact that said trait roll, like the raw stats, could easily end up being a dud; a tier-1 or otherwise garbage trait.

Fatshark ought to be ashamed of themselves for the egregious layers upon layers of flat RNG in this game.



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I sure do love being censored for saying exactly why the system sucks, how to improve it, and saying Fatshark ought to be ashamed of the excessive layered RNG and deafness to player feedback.

We can mod Darktide like this?
…Why don’t the devs?

It feels whack that players have to step in for such egregiously-bad systems.

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Perk reroll utility is a really good stopgap for now but really we shouldn’t need to click a re-roll button upwards of 50 times with some rerolls.

I think it’s actually gone over that because with the reroll utility i still had to click it like 10 times to get what i wanted. I really gotta ask, did anyone actually USE this for any real period of time system before releasing it?

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Just tax us 100 plasteel & 50 diamantine or something, and allow us to pick 1 t4 perk, please.

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More like 550 times…


Thats what happened on my last heavy sword… The pain xD

Since the mod permits you to get the perk you want with the tier you need… well, it is a must.
But tbh, it should be in game and not in a form of a reroll, but as a choice box.

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I feel awful for anyone who doesn’t take up mods and tries to play this game with this going on. I think it took me something like 300 rerolls to to get tier 4 of the perk I wanted last. I would have gone insane without it. An awful unmodded experience.


After trying to get that last t4 perk for 3 days (true story) I finally gave up and installed mods. Lo and behold mod rolled the right perk for me in 12 attempts :clown_face:

LogMeIn, ChatBlock and PingMonitor should be implemented in the game ASAP.

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Ah but remember, there is nothing wrong with the current system, you are just unlucky and shouldn’t be working towards good weapons anyways :clown_face:

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Must be some kind of Joke we don´t understand and we can´t laugh about. I see it the same way, why dafuq do we have to push buttons and listen to it over and over again while trying to get the Perk we already paid for.

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I almost got over it, now my Trauma is back…

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YES!!! Took me 30 min to get the perk I wanted. It’s ridiculous.

These garbage mechanics that executives think will increase gamplay time are the exact kinds of thing that are making players leave the game.

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Thank jeebus for the modders, they make the support systems bearable at least.

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Even with mods I rolled T4 +XP 3 times, +curios 4 times and +dockets twice before I settled for T4 corruption .