Please remove total kills from the end stats please

I know the pro players out there do not focus on trying to get kills but rather the more important things when playing, but it will make the game alot healthier across all difficulty levels if we did not have this.

Special kills, elite kills, damage taken, assists etc I’m all for. But it does not take skill to kill trash especially during hordes, but this is not the reason why.

It will give those certain players (theres always one) less reason to FF teammates and try and get a piece of that pie. Think about all those siennas who will not feel the need to flamethrow everything, and other players to think about watching the group’s flanks instead of tunnel vision on hordes.

I’d also like to see damage taken put as the highest stat too, just to get newer players an idea of what is most important to get through at harder levels, the killing trash mentality is not healthy when going further into the game.


Youll still have damage done tho.

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