Please Remove the Forum's Upvote Limit

As per title, please remove upvote limit in the forums.

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Agreed, finding it hard to share the love when my love is limited :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bump, cause i keep running out of love :’(

Middle ground: how about increasing the limit a bit? :slight_smile:

Could we please at least get the reasoning behind it, @Fatshark_Hedge. It’s seriously bloody annoying and I’ve never seen a forum with this limitation.

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It should be tripled now - from 50 to 150. I think there is a weight system for posts with likes which is why the forum hasn’t a means to remove an upper limit. I suppose thousands would work but lets see how 150 goes :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks. Very much appreciate the explanation, that makes sense.


Fatshark Forum 1.0.8 Patch Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where posters could only like up to 50 posts. Increased the limit to 150.

Fatshark Forum Hotfix Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where posters liking a post would inadvertently delete the original thread.

Just kidding Fatshark, it’s all in good fun.

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VICTORY IS OURS! TY Hedge! and GJ Avar :smiley:

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