*PLEASE READ* About the Forum Purge

With the release of 1.2, numerous issues have been addressed. Due to this, we’ve chosen to archive all reports posted prior to the 1.2 BETA within the ‘Bugs’ and ‘Technical Support’ sub-categories.

By creating a clean slate, it’s easier for us to keep on top of what’s occurring post-patch.

We haven’t abandoned all bug reports posted prior to 1.2 - we’ll still be working through them to determine what’s still an issue and what’s not; they simply won’t be visible to anybody outside of Fatshark.

Technical issues that persist post-patch should be re-raised within the ‘Technical Support’ sub-category, but please bear in mind that this category is largely community-driven. For issues requiring a response from a Fatshark representative, please contact us over at http://fatsharkgames.com/support where we aim to provide a response within 24 hours, Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm CEST.