Please Provide The Option To Fully Disable "Auto Exposure"

Auto Exposure or Eye Adaption as it is sometimes called is the visual effect that automatically modifies the games contrast based on the what I assume is the brightest light source currently in the scene. The effect is most noticeable in two scenarios:

  • Looking into or out of a dark room, for example the building with the second Grimoire in Righteous Stand. The game will change from bright to very dark.

  • When there is a lot of fire effects on screen. The game will change to very dark. Especially bad in dark environments.

I don’t like this effect at all (in any game), and considering our dear Pyromancer is in fact a Pyromancer, it has a major effect on my and a lot of other player’s experiences in the game. Because there is frequently a lot of fire on screen. When Sienna casts a conflagration circle on you for example the entire screen goes dark and you can’t see the enemies that are about to overhead you and kill you in one hit. Or when you are playing as Sienna and you hold a charged fireball, the screen goes completely dark around the fireball hiding the enemies that are about to overhead you leading to a death in one hit. This is a major problem for players who play in the highest difficulty levels and leads to what I will call unfair damage taken and a negative experience with the game.

You have given us the ability to scale how fast the auto exposure happens, but the effect is still present. I would very much appreciate the option to fully disable this feature, I’m sure a lot of other players would too.



I already have a built-in autoexposure feature - it came with this awesome new visual hardware I got, it’s called “eyes.”

Eyes are amazing. They have autoexposure, depth of field, motion blur, the works, ALL BUILT RIGHT IN!

I don’t need you to simulate it!!!

Game developers. Bah.


Fully agree. Catches me off guard every single time it happens.

Great suggestion!


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