Please Give Us Unlimited Upvotes

@Fatshark_Hedge Please give us unlimited upvotes on the forum. This is the only forum I’ve seen with such a limit and it’s very frustrating.


Or just give them to @Avar alone. It’s not like anyone else needs it. :smile:

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Agreed, or at least increase it by a lot (or make it so it gives you more every 30-60 mins instead of waiting 24 hours to reset your personal limit). OUR LOVE SHOULD NOT HAVE LIMITS :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve run out a few times as well, I don’t see a purpose for this limit.

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Legit didn’t even know there was a limit, haha. You know how many?

I suppose to avoid bots from overloading the servers? Only thing I can think of.

Seems pretty low. I run out daily.

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By keeping the drop rates on upvotes low it increases their rarity and value. If everyone had all the upvotes they wanted people would quit the forums and it’d be a ghost town of only hardcore posters who just post for fun.


Don’t think so. You can always add more bots and easily like up the whole forum.

Makes sense. But 50 likes per day is still rather low. Some days you spend 15 likes, once a month you want to spend 150. So even though the limit kinda makes sense, it should reset weekly or monthly, not daily.

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Daaamn. I need to up my numbers! Haven’t even hit the cap yet.

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