Please give unique weapon for some class

As we known that some career are a bit underpowered if compare to other career with same role like Unchain, Witch Hunter Captain and Ranger Vetran

Some people may come to peotect there favorite career and tell me to ‘git gud’ or ‘you dont know how to play … class’
I had used all those career clear some stage on legend difficulty already

IMO, every class are good if have good weapon to support there role…
So Fatshark pls considered give some class new unique weapon to make them as good as other career

Unchain - Range/ a bit melee focus - imo, this class should be vanguard version for Sienna but right now this class is super high risk and low reward
When I played unchain, i must always think/caculate before using range weapon because overheat generate from damage on legend difficulty if freaking high, one hit from trash enemy may cost my life
Her current melee power is subpar to other melee class and while using range has a risk to blow yaself, her active skill can clear all overheat but 90% its always friendly fire
IMHO, pls give her some strong CC/anti-horde melee weapon to make her much more viable or more interesting to play… like Flaming Flail & Shield, Flaming 2h Sword or Flaming 2h Axe would be cool
So when has this class on team, Bardin or Kruber can play other role. I believed some Bardin and Kruber may bored from CC role and wanna play Huntsman or Slayer sometimes.

Ranger Veteran - Team Focus - actually I luv to play this class very much, this career can use good CC weapon and good range weapon but imo Fatshark can give this class more anti-special power.
I didnt mean handgun is bad weapon but due to dwarf’s 4 feet tall make him a bit hard to shoot special enemy in some situation. So pls change his crossbow into heavy/large crossbow that has high piercing power, long reload duration.
So we gonna has another good long range anti special other than LBow Huntsman&Waystalker (and God Staff …cough… pyro …cough…)

Witch Hunter Captain - Team Focus - I also love to play this class too and I like to use rapier on this class more than falchion but he gonna has a bad time against Chaos Warrior.
I understand that he’s a team focus career, he’s there to make team stronger unlike BH or Zealot, but I feels Saltzpyre has only 2 weapons viable in his weapons pool that are falchion and flail.
So I hope FS considered to buff 1h axe, rapier or 2h sword a bit to make it more appeal to use.

This is just only my opinion, everyone pls share you thought to make this game better =D


Unchained and Zealot are tank/crowd control careers… without weapons thought to this goal.

Im fine with zealot
He’s tanking in his own way unlike IB

IB is like CC enemy to make team safe but Zealot is kill everything in front of him instead
He can build temp hp very fast with talent lv 25 and tank everything with talent lv 10

Just kill everything before you get killed =D

But give Saltzpyre Flail&Shield would be good too

Build WHC like this instead… and stop assuming its a “support job”.

You’ll find your kill numbers jump drastically. All of these abilities affect both Ranged and Melee. Half the problem I see is people building WHC like some kind of support job… which of course screws all that up. While the CD on the Ult meeds to be seriously reduced, and his health should be set between the BH and Zealot… the job is very powerful when played for what it can do.

Weapons: Falchion or Rapier
(both give natural headshots making full use of your passive instant kill on crit headshot)

Ranged: Volley Crossbow or Repeater Pistol
(can use BoP if specifically doing Special killing and Always Prepared Talent)

Its got the passive trait Instant kill on a Crit Headshot… for man sized targets, which goes for all Elites.

Skill Tree:

5th Level:
Always Prepared (30% more ammo) or potentially in Legend Unflagging Spirit (+1 Stamina Shield). Despite the buff to Charmed Life its still to small to be significant.

Deathknell (+20% Headshot Damage, works on ranged weapons too)
Potentially, but 2nd best is Abjure Temptation. Abjure is situational as to whether your team is doing Grims and only works once they’re obtained. And if they die with the Grim you lose that and the bonus.

Marked for Death (10% increase in attack speed) or Wild Fervor (+8% Crit Chance)
Justice Bounty is still trash.

Righteous Zeal (Temp health from kills)
The other two are too situational.

Redoubled Purpose (30% CD decease)
Could go for Resonating faith for 10 seconds duration on Ult… but the entries for Resonating Faith and Fierce Oratory are reversed due to a mistake, so to get one, you have to take the other, Have not tested to see if this was fixed in the current edition.

Numbers are consistently up at this point for WHC as of 1.05. Mostly because the Talent Tree now has direct impact on the game. Its pretty close performance wise now to the Bounty Hunter.

Equipment Wise I play with this…

I have Red Necklace for +20% health, and 10% Damage reduction so it doesn’t affect me as mine is at 120 health due to it. (25% Chance not to consume health item)

Charm: +5% attack speed (Concoction)
Trinket: +5% Crit Chance, 33% Curse Resist (Shrapnel)

3 Different Rapiers: (all +20% attack speed on crit)
+4.6 Attack Speed, +5% Crit
+5% Attack Speed, +8% vs Chaos
+2 Stam, +20% push/block

2 Different Falchions: (all +20% attack speed on crit)
+4.8% Attack Speed, +5% Crit
+2 Stam, +8% Chaos

2 Different Volleys: (2 ammo on Crit)
+5% Crit, +8% Armored
+5% Crit, +15% Crit Damage

2 Different Brace of Pistols (2 ammo on Crit)
+5 Crit, +10% vs Skaven
+5 Crit, +10% vs Chaos


I’m confused as to why Unchained doesn’t have a weapon with a 180 degree block/push arc like IB, Foot Knight, etc.

Also I think the dmg > Overcharge needs to be re-balanced a bit, as it is now, the “number” for max overcharge is such that a big hit could take a chunk out of your life, but instantly fill your overcharge meter. Max overcharge needs to be way increased with heat generated by weapons to match, just so they are on a more reasonable scale. This wouldn’t effect Pyro/BM, and would help Unchained a bit.

Actually that’s my current build =D
Rapier/Volley XBow

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