Please Give BH back crit reset

The new talent sounded good when I read it, but after playing with it for a while, it just sucks when compared to crit reset. I don’t think crit reset was the most picked talent on that row but it was,imo, the most fun and most thematic option. That mechanic has been an integral part of BH’S identity since the times crit reset was just a passive. Having it taken away just makes me incredibly sad. Many fun builds are weaker or gone now. The builds include volley crossbow with crit reset, bop with crit reset, and repeater with crit reset. The new talent is just nowhere near as fun OR as good. The other new talents are great (aside from the gutted movespeed on kill talent). And, being the greedy boy that I am, can we get something to adress how garbage repeater pistol is without crits?

That is all


Man I’d love to try out weapons swap buff, but on top of being bugged to eat the first stack with no actual benefit, it’s atrocious interaction with cleave makes it a complete non starter at the moment.

Honestly FS took a career that was probably already the lowest picked for Saltz, and just guttered all my favourite parts of him.

Now despite heaps of threads and comments giving suggestions for how to fix some of the talents they’ve added, they’ve basically just ignored him and show every intention of continuing to ignore him. I really hope I’m wrong but at this point I just feel dumb for having been happy when I saw him getting another balance pass.

If they don’t fix what they’ve done they should literally just revert all the changes to him. If you’re gonna do a job, do it goddamn properly, FS, you heretics.


What’s this?

Have you really used swap buff? It’s quite good to me. Theoretically, It gives you breakpoint that one shotting specials using assassin.
For now, somehow bugged and applied twice so a bit overwhelming, especially ult.
Melee kill reset was good though, I don’t know why new talent is bad.

On live inspired shot reset the Cooldown of Blessed shots if you killed something in melee.

IMO It was/is the best choice for pretty much any weapon beside Crossbow, that deals so much damage that the crit is mostly overkill anyway.
On all of Saltys other weapons it made them somewhat viable to begin with


This seems to be the other way around. All weapons (range and melee) benefit from both buffs. You actually have a permanent 15% power buff and 30% as soon as you have both buffs active.

Dont know how it behaves with cleave though.

For me it seems like it actually has some weird antisynergy with VXBow and RP, as the altfire uses up multiple ammo, but only gains one stack of melee buff. Meaning single shot fire will net you more melee buffs.

You mean on melee right? Asassin doesnt affect ranged AFAIK
For ranged even the 30% power it falsely gives right now are mathematically far weaker than a crit. Meaning, if you shoot once in a while more crits>more power therefore the crit reset would be the better option.

If you shoot a lot, then the 30% might be the better option, but it should only be 15%.

Honestly 30 percent melee power gives very very few breakpoints worth caring about on legend (obviously its still god as its what zealot gets) on the weapons I personally use on bh (falchion and axe). Maybe on cata there are a ton of breakpoints reached but I dont play cata and the weapon switch talent isn’t even supposed to give 30% power to both let ranged and melee let alone a permanent one. 30 percent ranged power is nowhere near as good as crit reset was. Sure you might get a few ranged breakpoints but 30 percent power vs a guaranteed crit after every melee kill, I would choose the guaranteed crit every single time. Not only did the crit give far far more damage than simple 30 percent power, but it provided the ammo sustain than many builds needed to function. Even the bugged out version of weapon swap buff you brought up is just flat out worse than crit reset was. I thought the point of the beta was to buff the underused classes, not take away their fun builds. They nearly did this with foot knight but rolled back the changes that removed the incredibly fun bruiser build on him. They need to roll back the weapons swap buff an put back crit reset. If they don’t everyone will just use crossbow, and crossbow is just so boring.

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Let’s not forget the fact that the rapier consumes blessed shot, making the rapier alt-fire an absolute hassle to use, unless of course you have inspired shot.


What I hate the most about the crit reset removal though, is that it’s the only talent that doesn’t directly benefit the crossbow. So replacing the only “non-crossbow” talent, with a talent which benefits the crossbow the most, is just mind boggling.


I guess fatshark just wants everyone to only use crossbow with the occasional prize bounty repeater meme build.


Indeed. It’s funny how that build has been pushed forever, when it’s so God damn bad.

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I run boss killer build so I never took it.

How strange, did they stealth patch it? I did a decent amount of testing on it a while back, and came to the conclusion that at least when at full ranged stacks, the first used ranged stack gave no benefit:

Could you tell me how you tested it to find this out? I’ll probably do more testing to check what you’re saying, but if you’re right that should be a very noticeable buff in practice.

Edit: Did further testing and damn you’re right. The discrepancy I was seeing in my original testing was because gaining melee stacks further increased the power, hadn’t realised there was a 15% boost in play with either stack up. Damn, will definitely be trying this out further, though I’m sure this isn’t intended. Still think it’s dumb how it consumes a stack for each enemy cleaved with the ranged weapon.

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Ah, thats what you meant with the cleave interaction. I never noticed that TBH as im barely looking at my buffs in combat.

Simply making it a flat 10 second buff could help making it far less micromanagement and stop stuff like this.

Personally i like the talent (or at least the idea of it) but even with the falsely given 30% i sorely miss crit reset. If crit reset was a passive, then BH would be able to fill a decent to good range role with any of his weapons IMO


I’ve noticed it seems to be volley exclusive, wasn’t happening in my crossbow runs. Will have to do further testing! But yeah, this talent needs some help, even bugged to be better them it’s seemingly supposed to be, it feels eh to use, and is a hassle to manage on top of the micro that’s already intrinsic to the career.


They should make crit reset passive again, but remove prized bounty, since that was the main offender before, since you never had to reload.


Maybe Pize Bounty needs a rework then?

Its an odd talent anyway. BoP benefits the least from it, volley slightly more on a volleyshot. Crossbow has more than enough ammo anyway.
The only one that truly benefits is RP with altfire. But thats a joke anyway.
What if Pize Bounty was instead changed to scrounger as a talent? 5% ammo is 2 ammo for bop/crossbow and 3 for Volley and repeater.

Running both scrounger on weapon and talent would net 4/6 ammo on every crit.
That would enable you to either run ammo hungry weapons more efficiently, or use hunter on your gun.
(Crossbow still couldnt oneshot crit headshot CW on Cata and can crit bodyshot anything else without Hunter anyway. So it wouldn’t actually benefit from this change.

Prize bounty is decent on crossbow imo, to bypass reload. But yes, the main reason they removed innate crit reset imo, was because it was broken in conjunction with the crossbow, plus hunter.

Since the result was unlimited crossbow crits, that didn’t cost ammo, no reload and passive hunter.

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