Please, give back to Footknight "Reset Charge on disabled player" + "Cooldown reduction on stagger"

J-just the title, I think. People love Have a Thee and I’m not asking to remove it… I simply would like back the possibility to use “title” talents at the same time. We could keep both (title combo and Have a Thee).

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You’re not alone on this one. I like the choice Beta makes you pick and priorotize what you want, I think it’s good Talent tree design, so I don’t have a particular problem with it.

On the other hand, as a Reinhardt main in Overwatch, I understand the urge to pure tank and support. It was the first thing I explored when I started Vermintide 2. I think I’ve just done so much of it even before shields got good that I have more fun exploring other avenues of the career.

Semantics aside, I like the design of the rows, it follows the overall structure of the game and fits. Making rows have 2 aggresive 1 utility, 2 utility 1 aggresive is just a mindless quickfix that will allow you to pick what you want, here and now. Down the line, forget about running Staggering Force/Have at Thee + Stagger CD Decrease, Charge Reset/Counter-Punch + Crowd Clearer, something that other people may enjoy now.

  1. As I advocate for Rock of the Reikland changes, I wouldn’t mind it being interwoven into the Aura and placed there (placing 20% BCR onto Counter-Punch), just making Aura global or something. Seems fitting as it’s affecting your allies in a simillar manner. Mind you I think it’s not a better solution in any way and I hate it, but I’d take it over switching row 10 and row 25. I don’t have much stake in Crowd Clearer, but some people love it, so removing it seems out of the question.

  2. I’d much rather see Stagger CD Reduction as an innate passive of Footknight, rather than weaving his new Charge into his kit one way or another. It’s not really intrusive and would be a nice touch. Then place something from the toybox in it’s place. I use “Stamina Regen on Heavy attacks” as an example as that would be the populist choice in my eyes, but having two Stamina generators (Counter-Punch is one, albeit more convoluted) is weird. You could even bring back some old toys like Regroup (50% DR on revived allies for 10 seconds) or Bastion of the Reik (+20% Health).
    Then again, if you put more utility there people will want to gobble that as well, there is no winning this one, so you might as well dump a generic stat increase there.

First of all, thanks for the deep analysis!

This is a legit point of view, no doubts, but (only) in this case, I can’t agree :frowning: … example: your speech, if we talk about careers like Merc and Zealot, is perfectly working! It prevents to transform careers designed to be “versatile” in “too focused” ones… This “builds’ limits” maintains their style.

For this I’m not saying: “You are wrong”.

But, from the other side, we also have careers designed to be “more specialized”.

If a player buys this game eager to play the classic super-armored tank, sword in a hand, shield in the other, he has only two choices: IB and FK.

I don’t want to write something like “OfFenSive tAlentS on Fk aRe bad”: I like, to vary, play different styles (also the aggressive one!)… more possibilites we have, better is… but they both should to guarantee a 100% focused on “tanking” style (where, with “tanking”, is also meant create space).

This for the game’s sake/variety… some “100%” tanks are needed.

I’m not saying that this, with FK, is TOTALLY impossible (among level 10 talents I could just pick up Staggering Force)… but a litte bit of more choices (even only one, like the title combo), personal opinion, could only help.

This is a nice idea.

Another option, written without thinking to it too much, could be this one:

Staggering Force as passive (like Merc has cleave ss passive, I feel it could be nice).
Reset Charge on disabled player replaces Staggering Force.
A new talent replaces Reset Charge on disabled player’s “old place”.
New talent could be something similar to your idea:

50% DR but on downed players.

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Alright, 50% DR on revived allies is not my idea and just something Footknight had previously, I am trying to come up with as little improvisation as possible so it’s easier to judge feedback with clear references instead of weighing everyone’s unique hot takes and ideas of varying power level.

All of that is besides the point. I’ve said my peace, everyone can have a go at whatever they want.

What I will mention, which is completely off topic and might be against the rules, but something I intend to phrase in the most civil possible way is the following:

You can’t convince me that you’re not a twink of soul23. Why you’d want to push or back up your ideas from a different account I’ll leave up to interpretation, as well as it’s ramifications.
If you’re not a twink, I implore you two to have a chat and maybe you’ll find a soulmate. That’s none of my business.

Just for comparison:

Why I mention this, apart from obvious reasons, is my personal experience with you. I don’t intend this as a personal attack, just my own thoughts and maybe some friendly advice.

From a discussion on Huntsman long ago to the current Beta, I don’t find interacting with you pleasant, I try to avoid your threads and not confront your ideas directly, at least not anymore.
The way you build your arguements and feedback is basically sugarcoating everything you want in the game under some pretence of it being for some greater overall design or greater good, trying to word it in a way that makes it appeal to everyone by phrasing it in apologetic submissive manner spiced up with triple-dots. Instead of agreeing to disagreeing after a discussion you try to flip it by inserting opinionated disclaimers and then clinging to your strawman, along the lines of “Everyone has their own opinion. But….

Long story short, I don’t feel like I’m having a debate on balance, I feel like I am at a standstill with someone who has opposite views to me, which in itself is good, but it goes further beyond and that someone’s is trying to passively sell his ideas to me and/or anyone included in the conversation.

The main reason for the above is just because I feel baited into the same routine, just by a different account, and I don’t appreciate it. For future reference you and I should just stick to our own guns, which I’ve been trying to pursue for the sake of both of us until now.

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Do you mean I’m spamming because I opened a new thread instead of using already existing threads? I admit it, I could use an old thread, but using a new one makes the idea more clear and evident…

I didn’t think was a so bad thing, in this forum there isn’t an “official thread” for topic where you are forced to post.

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