Please, debug your updates

Fs really need to debug before deploying.
I understand dev hans writing their goal is not distribute loot but make people logging in because satisfied, so I don’t understand this way of doing things.
I’m trashing my quality time because of the stupid things that are happening.
Disconnection from fs server, back end errors, mobs appearing from thin air, crashes.
A good job, really.

It is not that easy as just press [debug] button.
Even A+++ games, from studios that has multiple mansize power than Fatshark, has crazy bugs crashes unstabilities etc.
Just keep sending crash reports, they will find it and fix it, but give them some time.


I agree with the difficulty of managing a software update, as software engineer I know it pretty well, still I disagree about the way is done, pushing it on people spending their (quality) time testing instead of playing. You can use any kind of flowery words to describe it, but the reality is evident.
Because other bigger studio are a mess should not be used as a point to defend the behavior, it really gives the feeling that we are acknowledging it’s bad, but because they cannot manage it, it should be accepted. Sorry but no.
I also want to clear another misunderstanding, writing this post, in the feedback section (after writing a number of posts about the bugs since the launch) is to send them my opinion (and feedback) as customer and it’s not a hate post. (it’s true that I asked about these messy updates also in the questions thread)
I’m not looking down on this company, and because of this I find it’s a shame the way they are managing their pushes. I believe they can do much better than the “a+^x” companies.
Take fallout as example, I bought every game since the 1st one in the late '90.
In the years, some of them were exceptional, other so and so. I got refund for the last one. And I don’t plan to give them any feedback, and yes I’m looking down on them because that game is/was a scam (don’t know if gotten better).
This studio it’s obvious that knows it’s way and how to handle things, and this is what annoys me, they know and still the easy way was taken, again. If it’s a lack of resources, just say so, and ask help publishing a parallel beta version.

Simple solution, let us beta test the game again? If you don’t want to split the community with betas, at least let some of the most active players test the patches before they go live. I mean, there’s a small minority of us that play this game nearly every day for hours. And it’s normally these guys that are submitting bug reports or direct messaging FS staff on discord to let them know about exploits and bugs.


I agree, still I don’t like it because beta testing and debugging should not be a player responsibility, but it’s much better than forcing all the players to beta test.

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@SmokerT69 I have definetly seen some videos of people playing patch before it went live. The problem is that simply said not every computer is same, procesors have their (if only I remembered how it is called right now) “set of acceptable commands” combine that with variety of all possible combinations of cpu, gpu, ram, mother boards and you get nice mix of valuables that cannot be solved in small amount of beta testers. There are some unifications etc. but sometimes you have to be a bit creative and this can make a lot of issues. It is not that simple to explain, mostly because I know just a little bit about it, but debuging is really not that easy for so big variable platform like windows.

There are games from studios that has few hundreds of developers working on one game, they have huge alfa and beta testings and still produces games full of bugs.

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