Please change level 20 feats for Ogryn

We have three feats on that line and two of them are completely useless in their current state because they require you team to be REALLY bad to activate (Hard as Nails) or for you to be REALLY bad or get unlucky to activate (Die Hard). This forces us into using Bloodthrist which is the only viable feat at level 20. The problem with that is it forces us to take Blood and Thunder (+1 Bleed on heavy attack) to make it work since we can’t rely on other players to bleed for us or if we don’t have a weapon capable with a bleed perk (like the Shield). Bombs Away at level 10 is an interesting ability and can MELT Monstrosities, but I can’t use it since I’m always forced into a Bleed build on the Ogryn because it’s the only viable feat at level 20.

I’ll even make a compromise. You can keep Hard as Nails (team has to be really bad for it to work), but you have to change Die Hard (you have to be really bad or unlucky for it to work). Change it to a slope effect where as you lose life you gain a increasing amount of toughness gain until it finally reaches 100% when at 25% HP. So you’re getting stronger over time as you take damage instead of having to wait until you’re almost dead for the feat to do anything.

Please Enjoy my very bad drawing for what I’m talking about.