Please add a submenu for vantage point

Darktide is a fun game, I love the variety of penances for you to do and playing as veteran felt great since I love the imperial guard and their equipment. I noticed for vantage point that it simply states complete 7 missions of each variety. Vantage point is a prerequisite to unlock the penance for the veteran helmets but I’ve noticed it doesn’t have a check or does not highlight which missions you did complete (unless there is then I don’t know how to access it please drop details) and its annoying since I forgot which missions I did and each mission usually takes up a good amount of time to complete. Could the devs please add a small menu underneath the main achievement that shows a list of all the missions types you did like for example. point form each missions like

I don’t know if it will format Properly but the dots besides each of the missions are meant to be the point form, so each mission that is completed is highlighted but the ones that aren’t are greyed out, just like the achievements you see that are needed in order to get the other achievement. Devs if your reading or if this can get some sort of support it will really help everyone plus it shouldn’t just be reserved for this achievement but many others that follow the same kind of idea.

thanks for reading the post and hope to hear from literally anybody that’s in the same shoes as me or completed the achievement