Playing off-meta classes vs bosses

Hi guys I know it’s a tough gig to balance everything’ but playing a non-meta build; with a team of people playing for fun is really rough. A new friend joining vermy 2 has failed his first 10 public games; this is not a matter of get gud; this is poor design for new players. my thoughts; make recruit level a bit easier; and make the bosses easier to be killed by all players. Tings like that chaos spawn get heal faster than they can be killed; and trying to fight bosses can be real rough.

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yea, this has been heavily discussed in other threads, for me, i believe the main problem for newcomers is handling bosses. even as someone who ran cata non stop in v1, battling a troll with template weapons at level 1 was like a really really long fight, my attacks were barely scratching it.

of course i got better weapons and layeth the smack down on it later, but by that time newbies might already be put off from the game.

however, you also want the kind of players that will try and figure things out and appreciate the progression curve, so my best proposal is to have a newbie stage with no bosses.

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