Player thrown outside of map during bossfight

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player thrown out of map by mutant

Issue Description:
I was playing a assasination stage and during the bossfight a mutant grabed me and pind me infront of a enemy spawn just as he was about to throw me, the door opend i was thrown in to the enemy spawn. (inside one of the trains on the side of the arena)
from there i chude not return to the fight and just sat and watched snaged a photo from twards the out side of the arena just before we ended the mission.

Steps to Reproduce:
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This was a first timer for me so havent tryed to reproduse. but i whude asume somthing like this.

1.get grabed by a mutent close to a wall
2.making the mutent facing the wall throw you as the spawn door opens
3. be stuck outside

Mission Name (If Applicable):
im not sure of the missions belive it was, Magistrati Oubliette

[Steam/Microsoft Store]
Steam, PC

Player ID:
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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
16:40, SWE time zone

Reproduction Rate:
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first time for this issue

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console-2022-11-22-12.48.10-0834a5bd-f3e9-4b23-8b20-29efc9b5c256.log (959.6 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (160.3 KB)

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