Player Stuck Behind Railing

Player got stuck behind railings and cannot get out.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Play Hab Dreyko (I believe)
  2. Get to the last section of the mission with the giant tree.
  3. Get launched over the railing by a Poxbuster or other explosion.
  4. Get stuck.

Mission Name (If Applicable): Hab Dreyko

Platform: Steam

Player ID: Steam Community :: Corwin of Solace

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone: 11/21/2022, 8:00PM PT

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%)

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Upload Console Log:

console-2022-11-21-16.27.10-2ffe3589-29ea-40f3-9b62-80571b0ef62a.log (1.6 MB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:

darktide_launcher.log (313.9 KB)

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