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Is there any possibility of adding mod / feature in updates that show details about the player?
So player on “tab” can see Gear/Hero Power/Anything else?
Hero power would be my main concern.

My connection problems force me to host. I DC most quickplays, yet when im hosting everything is fine. For other players too.

By constantly hosting I’ve come to notice a new plague. Players join legend games. When mission is failed/completed(usually failed because of ->), I can’t start a new legend game because someone is way below Legend requirement.
Even with high levels (25-30), they still don’t meet minimu reqs.

I believe all players should be visible to all players. I dont mind running legend with sub30s, but I’d like to keep it honest.
Otherwise X players are unknowingly forced to make up for Y players.

If they were able to join Fatshark decided that they are ready for legend.

Im asking about transparency. Let players see each other.

Also, if you’ve hit the cap with 1 of your characters you can join legend games on others.
It’s a 1 time cap. I think it’s a bug. Or something omitted.
And It’s actually some players lobby, not fatshark dedicated server. So players decide with each other if they’re ready ;p

This mod is called Player List Plus and already exists.

This mod causes all kinds of issues, D/Cs, bugs, taking damage through block, etc. It’s been reported and acknowledged by FS. And it doesn’t show hero power, it only shows their talents.

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Im aware, but it’s causing all kinds of problems. And everyone has to have this mod for it to display correctly.

It actually does show hero power, and the errors only occur when you play with a specific network setting. Regardless this mod does exactly as requested.

@Isshagal You’re not gonna get a mod will just allow you to see other’s power or gear to prevent people from enforcing their arbitrary rules.

You do realise people do enforce arbitrary rules, but are doing it half blindly, because they have no definitive measure?

Thank you, will try the mod again, maybe something’s changed.

It’s not much to ask. It’s an honest thing to do.
In Vermintide 1 you had much greater knowledge of players, because there was no artificial “Lvl 30” wall. And there were people leveled over 1,5k.
And, since there wasn’t any illusion system you knew what weapons were they using.
And then there was a mod, that was showing every item they’ve equipped.
It was honest, clean and excellent solution.

and it resulted on people autokicking certain weapons or below certain levels.

when your reason for something not being in the game is ‘some people might abuse this’, you may as well not release the game, because trolls and griefers are going to buy it and act like… word filter.

Only if it’s something that can result in real, serious damage that totally breaks the gameplay, should it be tweaked.

You probably didn’t want to play with someone who’s this much of an obnoxious munchkin anyway, and they’d compose 5% of the playerbase at most. Also, since we’re dealing in anecdotes here, I’ve never, not once, experienced anyone being kicked for using the wrong weapon. I have personally kicked people for being too low to play cataclysm, but when you’re level 16 and still use a green and a blue, then maybe you should go play nightmare, because all I’m doing by kicking you is saving you a lot of frustration.

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