Played Foot Knight, I strongly felt that he really needs a Numb to Pain become part of his ult as default

At the very least, the Numb of Pain should be in his ult as a default. I strongly felt this while I’m playing in cata.


Same. And then I found out you can block during charge.


Ah, if only they made that, and brought Trample back…

I don’t think it needs to be so severe as numb to pain by default, he just need to auto-block or be put into a dodge state or something. If they did that people might use the other ult choices a bit more too.

It only takes a single time of getting downed during your ult to make players stick to Numb to Pain.



None of the dash ults should allow you to get stomped to death during the dash. Can technically happen to all classes, but it’s extremely vulnerable on Footknight because of his slowness during ult.

Also the clumsiness of blocking before ulting and then re-right-clicking in order to control the ult’s distance is terrible.

Fwiw I’ve not experienced getting KO’d during the wide charge like I’ve done with everything else that wasn’t Numb to Pain. I guess it’s because the hitbox is so huge that enemies can’t instigate a BS ice-skating running attack without getting knocked down.


What about the disablers still grabbing/pouncing you during charge?


Never felt that he need that crutch, you can block before ulting and you will block attacks, or you can even stop yourself, that push radius is quite big

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Thats a different issue. they should just fix it that your knockback actually knockbacks a hunter jumping into it instead of adding numb to pain to his passive.


It means I done goofed, didn’t stop my charge in time to knock the Gutter Runner out of the air, or otherwise misjudged the situation, didn’t have my team or myself ping that special, and I will hope my team will help me out and I’ll learn something from that experience.

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So you want to say that I or others get grabbed or pounced by disablers or get overheaded to death in a blink somehow is all problem of lack of the skill?


Depending on the situation and your team, the jank of the spawns and/or animations, it differs.
But sure, I’ll take the bait and say yes.


Is it actually a bug that assassin’s can jump on you mid charge? Or is that intended, i’m actually doubting it for a sec. It always seemed like a bug to me.

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I think assassins are bugged AF really. They jump from space, hop through walls, glide into the distance, and pounce people after they spawned in their pocket.

I personally think the only difficulty with the FK charge is the little windup-bit at the beginning where he runs on the spot before shooting off. That’s 99% of the times I’ve been downed/hooked/pounced etc.


Charged should put Krub in a “dodge status”. Replace Numb to Pain with Trample.

True, this is boring af.

Will it ever be fixed?


I dunno, I play a lot of FK, and I think Numb to Pain is an eh talent (almost never ran it before or since BBB) and certainly not necessary for him whatsoever. I’m gonna echo @Ingrett here and say this is an issue of user error.

I can’t remember being pounced mid charge, if this can happen it’s definitely silly as the gutter runner should really be knocked away by the charge. I don’t even know how one gets grabbed by a packmaster mid Ult unless for some reason you were ulting away from him instead of directly towards him.

It should absolutely have auto block, not because it’s hard to block->charge->block cancel, but it sure is janky and not fun to do.

If I’m being really generous dodge state would be ok, but far more appropriate and necessary for HM than FK.


Autoblock sounds perfect to me too.


As a long-time footknight main, it really isn’t necessary. If you don’t want to block while ulting because you want to do something cool and satisfying like charging up an exe heavy while you charge (which is really tasty tbh) then you have to accept the risk of charging with your sword lifted over your head like you’re in an anime.

He also doesn’t need a dodge state. It’s a brutal charge, not a dash. I could see it being appropriate on HM I guess. I don’t have any problem charging into disablers. Assassins, hookrats, leeches, Kruber don’t care. Charging away from them doesn’t work all the time, but that’s why I like to charge towards my threats rather than away from them. If anything, it’s more representative of janky hookrat grabs that need to be fixed, rather than anything specific to Kruber.

Autoblock would be a nerf to Kruber, not a buff. Can’t charge up a heavy attack while you’re charging. It would take out a lot of fun of the footknight - hell, I like to charge a shield slam during my charge. Is it useful at all? Not in the slightest. But it adds an extra oomph to the charge and feels so nice. I wouldn’t be able to do that if Kruber was automatically blocking.


I’ve also had plenty of situations where I’ve activated my ult, been immediately pounced and then as soon as I get up, then it activates my ult and I can’t stop it being wasted. Feels very uncool


I fully understand that you have your preference, in fact I won’t argue whether he needs an auto block or not: we agree we disagree… but to call this change “nerf”, it seems to me an exaggeration. You like to charge an attack, I respect it, but you can’t objectively say that the ability to charge an attack is a better option than the possibility of not having to press the block, charge, release it, press it again… not only it’s really uncomfortable and counterintuitive… but significantly increases the risk of being hit.

Could we compromise with an auto block that is cancelled by attacking during charge?

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