Plague monks are the plague

I mean isn’t that the case with every elite enemy that come in stacks, the only difference being monks and zerkers are more aggressive.

If there are 6 cw’s coming at you, you don’t know who they are targetting unless you move away abit from your team.

Oh I know there are ways to deal with them beyond the automatic response of all 4 players in any pug, which is to unload about 500 rounds into them at range. But because of how fast they move and attack, most of the solutions outside of holding block until they finish their tantrum are unreliable as client. Makes getting them in a tough spot feel especially bad since you can get locked down.

I will add though that having a shield user on your team with 27% power vs skaven/berserkers and opportunist will utterly trivialise these things.


I can confirm, that enemies that are lying on the ground and get some hammering can magically be janked into a upright position and start attacking immediately.
Did you make a bug report of it?

Not yet no, this needs some evidence with the report.
I will do that later today

Stares in FootKnight charge

The moonwalking around the place and the seemingly massive range of the final swipe that does obscene damage is the instant rage-trigger for me. They scoot sideways to clobber you in the face with a handbell.

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This has been reported for like a year back or something. The most obvious one being footknight ultimate.

Not sure if it works on just attacking normally, i don’t think it does, or it’s not noticeable.

It works with barrels aswell, anything that sets them into a higher stagger state than 1 but I am not really sure in the specifics as I haven’t tested this thoroughly

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Yes you are correct. It’s not really noticeable tho as with a footknight you charge the enemy and you can immediatly attack it, with other stagger sources it’s less obvious and doesn’t happen as often. (this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed). it’s a good thing to bring attention to this as much as possible.

I’d love to see statistics of damage dealt to players over a few months by monks & zerks :’)

I just remembered of a few instances where I hit enemies that were in flinch (stagger 1) state and upon being hit they started attacking again but I am not sure if it was me attacking them or some other source applying stagger and I also remember an instance when a Zerk is in it’s midair jump attack, when you hit it with a stagger ult like WHC that the Zerk will land on the ground all of a sudden for some magical reason and start attacking.
BBB should focus on more than just weapon and talent adjustments honestly, there is some work to be done on enemies aswell that’s been pointed out by several people for over a year now.
Assassin hyperleap comes to mind.

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Only a few monks can combo you at any given time, no matter how many target you. They aren’t very threatening in huge groups because most of them will just be walking towards you or throw out a slow standing attack that does moderate damage but very easy to avoid. It’s hard to predict the internal timer for when they can start their combo on you again but just playing it safe and holding blocking/dodging has absolutely no threat of being guard broken. Compared to a SV patrol which are much harder to cleave/control for most weapons in the game, deal a lot more stamina damage, and can trigger a lot more running attacks, they pose a much bigger threat imo. Same goes for groups of CW, except they hit harder, tank more damage and are much harder to stagger.

you can look at your damage taken statistic with bestiary from any given enemy.

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Assassins can pull some serious BS.
-They miss you, and instapounce as soon as they hit the ground
-Instances of a runner spawning in front of you, or directly in your back and jumping you instantl
-Admin privilege, meaning high ping = lower odds of punching a runner out of the air

you can look at your damage taken statistic with bestiary from any given enemy.

Good to know, thanks

Only a few monks can combo you at any given time, no matter how many target you

In a hard, the visibility hardly allows you to read what they are up to.
If you are standing next to someone, you have no idea of whom is being targeted.
A sound cue/cue ala Sekiro (the counter), would be awesome. When we already have the sound cue for a hit in the back (6th sense), I see no reason to deny this one.

Actually there is or was not sure if it’s still as frequent as it was but the funny thing is HOST had a disadvantage when pushing assassins. It was more inconsistant for some weird reason.

This is somewhat true, but you should just assume it might be targeting you and block their initial fast combo or until you realize they are targeting someone else. Also if you notice the monk/berseker is pushing your character as it attacks, it’s targeting someone else. You can count on their screech to happen right before they start their combo but it won’t tell you who they’re targeting.

One trick is to spam T in a horde.
Another tell is that the are the only chaos unit running towards you with their weapons up.

I disagree with most of the points in the OP, but I do agree they’re janky. I don’t understand why near-naked fat rats are more stagger resistant than a massive, 12 foot tall fully armored chaos warrior. If I bonk a plaguerat twice in the noggin with a 2 handed hammer when it finishes the combo, I expect it to be staggered.

The t spam is what i’m doing (actually shift on my pc because t is so uncomfortable to reach on the Keyboard)

But i’m still the only one, in most random teams, who does this. (And t spamming through gas to see the gasrat) Problem is i see people die way to often to a “hidden” zerker. But it’s there own fault i guess. Still i find them scarryer than plague monks because of this :slight_smile:

There are weapons that can outrange monks and berserkers for easy pickups, but those weapons also lacks in other areas, mostly spears. Thats a trade off.
I would allways advice to go for team play against them. One keep blocking and kiting while someone else kills them from behind.

However real issue is that the sound of “you are beign attacked from behind” is not played almost all the time for monks (don’t have that issue with berserkers).

Ofc, I’d expect range weapons to outrange a monk.
However, due to how you are supposed to kit a horde in circle, and not back, they’ll catch up on to you.
And if you dodge back, you enable the mobs to do running attacks…

I have also noticed plague monks and zerkers attack animations are awful. The hitbox and damage registry is way off. You will be damaged before the attack even starts and the slides are ridiculous

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